The fabled FURminator, great on cats and smaller dogs


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I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Furminator, and it works just fine on her. And she loves it.

If you thought Frenchies didn’t shed, here’s a recent FURminator pile. The bonus is that Seymour loves the way it feels and it puts him to sleep.


Which model/size? I wish it’d work on Nemo.

I use that small Furminator on our cats and one of the small dogs, however, we have one cat that has this odd wooly hair that the Furminator just doesn’t like – for him, I use a rake like Nemo’s except it’s tines are a bit shorter and fatter.
Like @SeymourStein’s Frenchie, we have a short haired cat that can generate a Furminator pile that outweighs the Maine Coon’s…

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Our Siberian cats hate the furminator. It pulls too much hair at once.

I have broken two furminators (the plastic rivets on the cheap ones are very brittle, do not drop). If that ever happens to you, the metal brush is still viable and can be ‘fixed’ with a little JB Weld (or just use the metal rake ‘naked’).

They are also great for cleaning hair infested rugs.

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A much older version of the following is what I use on one of our cats:
AmazonSmile : Conair PRO Dog Short-Tooth Undercoat Rake 1/2-Inch with Memory Gel Grip, Small : Conair : Pet Dematting Rakes

That essentially what I use on Nemo too. Does not hurt or pull. He loves it like a massage.

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I forget the model, but it was (obviously) the largest one available.

Tried it more than a dozen years ago. Largely ineffective. A hooked comb, a roller comb and a conventional wire slicker brush work much better for me (on many cats and large wabbits over 35 years).

Pyrs have an interesting coat where the top coat is soft but thick and a lot like fishing line. The undercoat is super soft fuzz. I found the large/long hair brush just hung up on the top coat and didn’t get the undercoat. The top coat largely gets left alone and looks awesome on its own, the undercoat forms what a long departed love once called “Nemobunnies.” I get tumbleweeds of Nemo fuzz rolling around the house if i don’t brush and vacuum daily.


Over a decade ago, I had a St. Bernard X English Setter half-and-half, “Moose”, who had beautiful feathering on his joints, and a long bushy tail, he had a double coat that was very fine and long. A seriously big, sheddy dog, and we had “Moosebunnies” tumbling around the house many years after he left for the farm upstate. Open up a closet you haven’t gone into in a while and BAM, moosebunnies skittering across the room on a gust of wind.

Dog hair just doesn’t bother me, and I don’t mind having my animals’ hair on my clothes, in my car, stuck in the carpet. It’s not dirty, and it doesn’t really smell or anything, and besides we’re all covered in our pets and loved one’s bacteria, why would hair be worse than that? But with Moose, it got to the point where every dinner we had we’d come across dog hairs baked into the potatoes au gratin, or come across a hair or two in the salad.

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Our cats love it. The mean one even pushes the nice guy out of the way so that she can get more brushing!


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