Caturday splatterday




Yeah, that’s how I feel after listening to most techno too.


You stole my comment before I even had a chance to post it. How did you do that?


oh man, I made the mistake of starting to watch before I’d had my morning coffee :frowning:


Poor kitties! My cat knows the drill; if she starts to hork while on carpet, I gently pick her up and make a break for the kitchen, where the tile floor makes things much easier to clean up.

Now I use a special comb to remove loose fur, and it’s pretty much eliminated furballs. Milla loves our special quality comb time, too.

I know I sound like a salesman, but seriously – these things are amazing. The Furminator




Unlike our cat, who seeks out the only room with carpet in the house before barfing, every time.




Carnivores will do them some barfing.


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