My cat went nuts for this wall-mounted brush

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Would be awesome to see an automatic one like the Happycow one but for pets. This wall mounted one is a good low-tech alternative though, thanks for the heads up


That cat is insane with self gratuity! Sweet kitty!


Nice! I think our 3-legged rescue cat would love this. Since he’s missing his back-left leg, he can’t get in a good scratch when that side of his head itches. He just hunches down and his stump vibrates until we notice and start scratching his head for him. We will be getting this.


Must be terribly frustrating for the cat to smell the catnip within the gizmo yet not get any directly on their muzzle. Quite a different experience from a carefully knitted catnip mouse from Grandma that gets eviscerated within 2 minutes and the feline beast is left rolling on the floor amidst the stash like a disjointed sack of demented cat.


Also - if you happen to have a disjointed demented cat it’s always best to keep them in sacks. Just FYI.


The cat, or the catnip?

Our tripod cat somehow got into a box of catnip recently. It was spread over a good portion of the living room and he was tripping balls. But at least it was easier to clean up than the red oil paint our corgi got into.


Years ago we had a long hair calico cat, who completely ignored a similar product. It didn’t have catnip in it, though.

Your kitty is beautiful!


Happy for someone to video me going crazy on one of these if you wanna set me up? :wink:

Also: ZOMG! That’s an adorable kitteh!

They should call it The Catsturbator.


That’s some good self-skritching going on there. I love how kitteh turns to you from time to time with a look in her eyes that says “thank you!”

Cats are crazy enough without the catnip…adding catnip to this device is like adding alcohol to driving; either one alone is ok, but a bad mixture. You could have a Mrs. Bigglesworth in no time.

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At the risk of repeating- God damn, the pusher man?

I’m happy for your pet, and have had one of these for mine for over a decade. But who cares? This is Boing Boing, please be interesting.

I tried a device similar to this, after spending a lot of time scratching my cat’s head (previous owner declawed her). She’s so used to someone else doing the work for her that she sniffed it once and walked away.


From the angle of the whiskers (‘radar dish’) that is a very happy kitteh. Does she use it just for her head and neck, or does she make a full body pass at it? If it’s just head/neck, she may be marking it as her personal skritching device.

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Um… Red oil paint. I hope no one keeled over.

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Nope. We called the vet in a panic and they said she might get an upset stomach, but she would be fine. Her stomach did great, but she had some bright red poop for a while.


I’ve got a friend who does SFX for films - his border collie got into a big tub of red sugar-based syrup they used for fake blood - he comes home and finds the house looking like a crime scene and the dog sprawled on the floor, moaning. He thought the dog had been slaughtered - until it jumped up to greet him, wagging his tail, spraying more of the syrup everywhere.


That’s awesome! Our corg looked sad and guilty, yet vicious; red face, chest and tiny red front legs, sitting in the corner. Luckily our other two dogs had been put in their pen that morning, or there’s no telling where the devastation would have spread.