My cat loves this cheap self-groomer


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that you fill with a pinch of catnip (included)

I bet a lot of things will be equally popular if you follow this instruction.

“My cat loves my shoe!”

“My cat loves this brick!”

“My cat loves my lasagna!”


Ditto. One uses it regularly, the other ignores it.

“Why are you interrupting my nap, human thrall? I don’t care, I’m going back to sleep. Hey! What do you think you’re…oh, there’s catnip involved. That’s different!”


Looks like case of …
Cat Scratch Fever



Garfield: a harrowing tale of addiction.


I even heard there was a rumor he once Odie’d.


Probably anyone who wants to do this would do well to have a large assortment of little measuring devices perfect for measuring out a few grains of catnip should the need ever arise. Just saying it would be wise to have those.


Alright, I’m disappointed that Marks cat isn’t named Happycow.


I bought one of these last year on the recommendation and, sadly, my cats have no interest whatsoever. :frowning:
I’ve tried, as you, introducing it to them and they had no objects when I used it to groom them, but once I fastened it to a piece of furniture it has been ignored.


“What? You want us to scratch ourselves?! Not going to happen, human. Now get over here and scratch me behind the ear.”


Calling cats “tactile” is the same as saying, “The Sun is warm.”


This exact thing has been on here before. I think.


As Mark notes, he posted about the Happycow:

In the comments @Neovison.vison mentioned the self-groomer cat toy. I bought one and apparently so did Mark. The original link now goes to an unavailable item, but the item in Mark’s post above is the same.

Thanks, @Neovison.vison!

ETA: Here’s another available in grey or blue (I prefer the grey):


It’s possible it was in comments. It’s just danged familiar.


You should make sure you haven’t installed one and forgotten about it.


Mine ignores it. But at least he sleeps in the box it came in.


One of my late cats was named Moo if that helps.


I bought one of these - it came with catnip … which looks a lot like …

Do NOT order one of these if you live in an other country …


My cat loves her re-purposed shoe-shine brush.


If they keep that up they’ll grow hair on their palms… oh,wait.