A pet stain and odor eliminator that really works

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I guess I would rather have a pet dog.


Where do these companies get these mysterious “enzymes” in their pet odor cleaners? How is it that small seeming companies are coming up with what seem like sophisticated formulas? Is there some giant chemical wholesaler that is selling the actual ingredients in these formulas that let pretty much anyone make and “enzyme” based pet odor remover? I’ve been wondering this for a while about Nature’s Miracle. And now about Sunny & Honey.

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Biotech companies is the short answer. Bacteria (or other convenient microbe) are bred and cultured to produce a specific enzyme or set of enzymes, and then it’s all pretty much beer-making from there, to a first approximation.


Not a dog owner, so genuine question: is rain really a deal-breaker when it comes to taking a dog for a walk? Isn’t that what umbrellas and raincoats are for? Or do dogs really, really dislike rain? Or is the smell of wet dog even worse than the smell of dog pee?

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Thanks, it’s still hard for me to judge how critical the enzymes are. Nature’s Miracle is mostly alcohol, and I wonder how much the alcohol is the real “secret” to it’s effectiveness…

Enzymes tend to be specific and can only lower the activation energy of a reaction that’s already spontaneous. I can brew up some yeast, filter the sludge, and accurately claim it contains enzymes. Doesn’t mean it cleans better. Not all enzymes are created equal.



Well, I supposed if I really want to know I can do a controlled double blind sniff test using various enzyme cleaners on some poo. But, I have to say, I really don’t want to… :cold_sweat:

Some dogs really dislike the rain, some do not care. Some wet dogs smell really bad. I have the “It is raining I might melt (unless fetch is involved)” in combination with not that smelly when wet. It is the "Oooooo water!!! I must get really wet and muddy " in combination with the I think the neighbors can smell you type that can be an issue.


Since the author was talking about January weather, I’m assuming the issue is more likely snow and ice rather than rain. If it has snowed and neighbors have put out salt to clear the sidewalks, walking the dog may not be an option. The salt irritates the sensitive skin between the dog’s toes and can be painful for them to walk on. My dog is a Chihuahua mix, so short hair and small body = gets cold quickly.

Regarding rain, the wetness itself may be more of an issue than the wet smell. I walk my dog shortly before putting her to bed and if it’s raining outside, she gets wet. I’d rather not put my dog to bed wet. She also walks slower when it’s raining, which compounds the problem.

Sometimes not walking the dog is because the owner doesn’t want to get cold or wet!

If someone hired a couple of prostitutes to pee on a bed, would this stuff help clean that up?

Asking for a friend.


My dog isn’t too fond of getting wet, but she just shakes off and deals with it, no problem. However, she has a morbid fear of towels, and knows that rain=wet=towel, so she refuses to go out to pee when it’s raining.

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Nemo sleeps in the rain if i let him. He didn’t mind it. Pretzel will stop at the door and look at me like I’m nuts. 9/10 times I’ll get the door open at the right time for her to pee and come back in.


Obviously your friend must work in the hospitality industry, because I’m pretty sure that any Cheetos huffing narcissists wouldn’t give two rat fucks about damaging other people’s property.

[quote=“Skeptic, post:6, topic:93552”]
Nature’s Miracle is mostly alcohol, and I wonder how much the alcohol is the real “secret” to it’s effectiveness…[/quote]
The formula for Nature’s Miracle changed a few years ago when the company changed hands, and while it used to be the cleaner of choice it hasn’t been best of breed for years.

The alcohol has very little to do with the cleaning; when we switched from Nature’s Miracle to another brand (I think it was called Unique) it came as a concentrate to which one adds warm water, had very little alcohol, and worked better than the Nature’s Miracle. Now we use a brand called (I hate typing this) Anti-Icky-Poo, from the MSDS it contains less than 3% alcohol, and it works better still (though has issues of its own).

Probably not for @jlw, who is on the California coast. Incidentally, when we have our dog in his neck of the world, the biggest issue is skunks. In our experience, there is no commercial enzymatic skunk remover that is as effective as the peroxide-baking soda-detergent mix that you can find everywhere online. However, if your dog is not white this can have some unintended consequences.


I thought Pretzel was a Spaniel, but I must have been mistaken, no self-respecting Spaniel give two figs about the rain. My Springer was never truly happy unless she was wet.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Will swim in a river or the ocean, will not stand in the rain.


What are those issues? This has been a shitty winter, and my carpets aren’t doing so well with the repeated sprayings.

Mine will tend to refuse to do her business if there’s anything more than a light drizzle. If I push the issue, she’ll try to drag me back home, and if I refuse to move she’ll just stand there looking dejected at me while she gets soaked. Tried a doggie raincoat, tried an umbrella… but even though she’s not getting wet it’s still the same act.

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Our Springer never even noticed the rain. On the other hand, she was born and raised in a part of Yorkshire where it rained every day.

[quote=“Woodchuck45, post:18, topic:93552”]

What are those issues? This has been a shitty winter, and my carpets aren’t doing so well with the repeated sprayings.[/quote]
Even the unscented has a bit of a chemical smell that lingers after drying, and since on bad messes you need to keep repeating it the smell can build up. It is a trade-off: our previous cleaner had no smell once dry, but didn’t eradicate the mess as thoroughly as the A-I-P.

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