Gangsta Rap Coloring Book


I’m kind of partial to Shea Serrano/Bun B’s hip hop activity book:

Typical. They are all white.


Who is all white?

Whatever you do, don’t mix up the red and blue crayons.


They should put out a book of all the gangsta rappers who shot each other. The ones who didn’t just talk the talk.

Jason - It’s between printings. The latest printing just landed from the Port and will be shipping everywhere over the next couple of weeks. If you like GRCB, you should check out the rest of Aye Jay’s great artwork and projects too.

It’s a joke about un-colored in coloring books.

Haha… I was thinking ‘wow, what did I step in here?’ I’m just bad at understanding jokes.

Ah, but maybe I am bad at making jokes…

i bought this at urban outfitters in 2005.

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