Gardner Dozois is selling his book collection

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By far, the two nicest rejection letters I ever received were from those two guys.


From the ad: “… contains more than 200 titles.”

Well, technically, yes. 1225 IS more than 200 titles.


I always wondered what Dozois looked like… we get the anthology he puts together every year.

Also, that’s an insane amount of books!

Nah, 1200 books is far from insane. I’ve had more than that in the house at one time myself (not as much now). Back in the 90s, I had reason to be at David Hartwell’s house in Pleasantville from time to time. Now, that, that was … insane.


When my spouse and I moved in together, we merged our book collections. After eliminating the overlap of about 200, we were left with about 1500 titles. According to LibraryThing, we’re currently at 1951 titles. Oh wait, 1952. We bought the first volume of Saga yesterday.


Oh, I don’t mean it’s insane to have that many books, cause my household collection easily laps that, but that it’s insane that he’s selling them together.

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What worries me is the fact that he’s hoping the collection will remain intact, which shows a great deal of emotional investment. People don’t sell treasured posessions because their lives have taken a turn for the better. I hope this sale isn’t as a result of some misfortune in Mr. Dozois’ life.


That’s true. I do hope all is well with him.

Library sales happen all the time. It’s a big pain to sell a lot of books one by one. When I cleaned out my own collection, I dumped boxloads on a local bookstore.

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That is not the image I had in my mind of Gene Wolfe.

He looks like a more fun guy to hang out with than the Wolfe of my imagination, though.

True, but typically they are bought by people breaking up and selling off parts of the collection, very seldom do library sales hope to keep the entire collection intact. That bit is a bit odd and does indicate attachment to the outcome, but they are his books and his collection so that is his prerogative I suppose.

I’ll also point to Cory saying that Dozois hopes to keep the collection intact; it’s not an absolute requirement. Which, again, speaks to a certain pressure to sell, in spite of other considerations.

i wouldn’t read too much into the way the post is worded…but i also use the word HOPE, so if you are reading into specific word choices, then I’m not changing or altering the original statement in any way, just repeating it.

the fact of the matter is we don’t know really know anything about his reasons for selling or the terms of the condition of sale other then this brief second hand post. reading anything into it at this point is premature speculation on everyone’s part.

Hey now, kindly cease spoiling my exercise in kremlinology.

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