The world of invisible bestsellers

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So, I wonder how this translates into whether or not people are reading more or less. Does the way books are counted for the Best Seller lists also translate into the numbers for whether or not more or less books are being sold and whether or not people are reading?

Just musing.

The other day my son asked me, "what does bestseller actually mean?" He was not impressed with my answer.

I’m not sure the Humble Bundle method can be tallied like other bestsellers. Often there are one or two things I’m really interested in and a bunch of things I’m willing to take a look at. If the next Song of Ice and Fire book came with fifty free books of dolphin de-lousing tips by GRRM’s friend Sparky, would those fifty books also be “bestsellers” in any meaningful sense? What about the kids’ book I got free in my Honey Nut Cheerios a while ago—do all those cereal boxes count as book sales?

Not to say that bestseller calculations make much sense in general, but bundling makes sales numbers harder to calculate.


Shouldn’t you get back to ruining Dune? Some more.

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To be honest if you buy a book only because it’s a best seller you deserve what you get.

It’s like buying a song because it’s number one - it shows you don’t know music.

“Cashcows of Dune.”
“Turnip Bleeders of Dune.”

[Never actually read any of the non-Frank Dune stuff so I’m just playing.]

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