Gay panic is ruining bodybuilding

Umm. lots of “issues” to talk about. it’s all in there.

broscience, nutrition, dieting, body image, homophobia, female gaze…


I’m not reallly sure what to do with this article… It’s incredibly interesting, but… what do I do with this in my storehouse of knowledge?


Heh heh. In my mind palace, it’s stored under “WTF.”


Mate of mine over in NZ was well into the body-building scene, I used to train with/spot for him occasionally.

It’s a weird scene, full of cognitive dissonances. I won’t criticize it, but there’s a lot of great people involved in it some of whom have some very strange ways of reconciling things with themselves.


Is there a non-homoerotic version of bodybuilding now?


Female gaze? This article didn’t mention female anything. It did, however, say some interesting things about the gay gaze. Is that a thing?

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A lot of daft stuff implied here. How does beautiful = gay? I see many things in my daily life which strike me as beautiful despite me having no desire to have sex with them. I am going to guess that I am not unusual in this.

But with these new, huger muscles came an unexpected side effect: the muscle gut. The biggest guys have big bellies, even when they drop to painfully low body fat percentages for competition. They try to suck it in on stage, but the second they relax or turn their backs to the judges, boom, there it is.

How is this even the slightest bit “unexpected” to anybody who knows anything about physical conditioning? It takes a lot of artifice to sculpt people into a V-shape with a big chest and small, well-defined abs. It’s not natural, and it’s not even very strong. If/when men put on a lot of muscle, the belly gets quite muscular and not small.

It doesn’t, but you’ve got to admit that “nearly naked men showing off their bodies for the enjoyment and appreciation of other men who find them beautiful” sounds at least a little gay.


Ugh, first they came for our marriages and our bakeries and then our florists and now they’re ruining bodybuilding?

Thanks, Obama.


Dear Editors,

Ain’t that the perception I’ve been fighting for years! I’ve been telling my mom for years that looking at bodybuilder magazines is the least homosexual thing there is! Certainly less homosexual than how I go to the bathroom at the airport.

Your pal,
Larry Craig


I guess it can if one chooses to think about it that way. But I can’t think of any reason to assume that beauty should be any measure of sexual desire here. I could compare it to, for instance, a dog or a horse show. Sure, there might be some outliers there who think those are sexy, but I am guessing that for most it is simply an aesthetic and technique appreciation. Also I love graphic and industrial design, art, etc and imagine places such as art galleries and museums would be much messier if people thought they were sexy.

Um, while quickly trying to learn what femal gaze actually means as opposed to what it sounds like, I came across this gem.

The interesting twist of the gay male gaze of director Michael Patrick King turned the normally lovely female stars of Sex and the City 2 into hideous freaks. It’s the terrible flip side of the usual hetero male gaze on beautiful women, which typically fetishizes them, reduces them to body parts. King doesn’t find women sexually attractive, so he makes them ugly and freakish.


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It’s bodybuilding, not a strongman competition.

I know. My point was, as I said, that I don’t understand why this would be surprising to anyone.

Maybe they are “building” towards a particular stereotype. Maybe “bellybuilding” confuses them somehow.

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Hah! Look at those puny little legs!



Probably off topic, but it’s my thread, and I do not fear the dragon.

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. The paper that started the whole “male gaze” critical trope.

Warning: contains lots and lots of Freud

… the paradox of phallocentrism in all its manifestations is that it depends on the image of the castrated women to give order and meaning to its world. An idea of women stands as lynch pin to the system: it his her lack that produces the phallus as a symbolic presence, it is her desire to make good the lack that the phallus signifies…

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In my case – commit arson.


but only if your storehouse is insured…

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that’s what I’ve been wondering since it’s always been centered around dudebroism, ass slapping, parading around in oiled up undress and it’s… fuck’s sake just admit you’re gay and be comfortable with it guys. It’s OK, we’re progressing as a society towards acceptance. There’s no shame, just grow comfortable with it.

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