Gazelle seemingly floats in slow-mo video


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That would be a boing boing, right there!


I have long held that Gravity is only a sort of guideline for kids (baby goats).


That sure put the Springbok in my step!


It’s a cool video, but the eye-opener for me is all the redditors who have the exact same dreams I do…


And here. What a beauty!


Seems like most of the available gazelle gifs show them being run down by big cats. I did find this one though!


It’s not full-blown pronking, but bovine calves come close with frolicking:

(Yes, I’m a midwesterner)


I like the one with the l o n g jump, and 7/8 of the way through the jump, it turns its head to the other gazelle and says, “Morning, Phil.” So casual, like.


One so seldom has an opportunity to use the word “stotting”.


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