GCHQ's black bag of dirty hacking tricks revealed




The online poll one might at least make poll results a bit less crazy…
One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says


On the internet no one knows you’re a spook.


Wow, spoofing emails and remotely connecting two phones covertly are great tools for framing someone.


On the internet everybody who disagrees with you suspects you are a spook.

…and, apparently, sometimes they are even right.

Is it paranoia, or awareness?


Unless, of course, it’s the reason the poll results are so crazy.

If Snowden reveals the name of the program responsible for all the stories about “Florida Man” then we’ll know for certain…


It’s not paranoia if the government really is intercepting your email, monitoring your Skype, mobile and landline phones, deciding that you’re a potential terrorist because you read Boingboing, and interfering with your perception of (online) reality.



Fucking cunt-arsed scumbag motherfuckers.



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