NSA and GCHQ's dirty-tricking psyops groups: infiltrating, disrupting and discrediting political and protest groups




COINTELPRO 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Shitty tactics that only help to burnish the image of the US gov't as ruling by fear and intimidation. Not a good thing at all.


It kind of warms my heart that they apparently haven't managed to get any decent graphic designers on board with their shenanigans yet.


My girlfriend was into Occupy when it first started in our city... I remember watching the arguments unfold on their message boards, and her telling me about the emerging ways that some people were doing everything they could to ensure a fractured agenda... all the people who had any motivation to address the original concerns got burned out and left, as they watched all the energy, attention, and resources get squandered away into nothing. I thought at the time that the people doing this were either agent provocateurs or at least having the same impact... now I know that we all paid their damn salaries to derail public political discourse.


So, it's safe to say that some are signed up on BB? Also, no likey the malware thingy.


Yeah, but the pay is crap.



These people are scum. They should have been fired yesterday. Then you when they are fired, watch them for the rest of their lives. These people can not be trusted even as private citizens.


well why waste the resources? just kill them. if you are going to brand them for life just kill em it would be more merciful.


Why isn't this front-page news? I guess it shows we only have corporate/state-controlled news.


Somebody posted this (adequately but not super well translated) page from the Stasi playbook in the comments to the Intercept article:


approved methods of decomposition are:

  • the systematic discrediting of reputation due to spreading of true, checkable,
    discrediting statements and wrong but believable, non deniable, discrediting statements.

  • the systematic organisation of jobwise and social failures for destroying any self confidence of individual subjects.

  • the focused destruction of convictions associated with certain ideals,
    role models etc and the creating of doubts about the personal angle.

  • the creation of mistrust and mutual suspicion in groups and organisations.

  • the creation, exploitation and reinforcement of rivalry in groups and
    organizations due to aimed exploitation of weaknesses from certain members.



What bums me is at this point in time, there are 10 comments on this story and 2.5 times that for the story about someone handing out effing cake on a subway.


And that's just how they want you to feel.

Scary innit?


They've got a word for these creeps in Chinese: "wumao" (δΊ”ζ―›) because they get payed half a yuan per pro-government post. I think it would make a fine loan word.


I think most people steer away from commenting on negative things like this to keep their sanity. Caturday is pretty awesome. Pain is not the only thing that is real. I have to wonder about the psychological effects on the spooks actually working in the program. I mean, at some point, actually having to parse what the "opposing" side is saying might be rather damaging to the psyche of those who aren't under some kind of serious brainwashing and behavior modification program. Maybe these people are just cold blooded psychopaths, or maybe they've spent too much time working soul crushing sales jobs. If you're mentally hardened enough to handle it, what weird assumptions have been driven deep into their brain pans? Can that be rationally right?


Your tax dollars at work - fucking you right in the face.

Fairly ironic job description for a public servant.


So I guess this is a heads-up for anyone who tries to work towards improving the world in any way whatsoever - any groups you're part of need to start vetting the bona fides of its members.


This is why 'Her' should be considered a rom-com instead of social commentary.
Social reality is halfway between that world and 'The Lives of Others'...


There are things to argue about with cake. With this, someone would have to make a comment about how it's good that spy agencies do this for the number of comments to go up. If everyone commenting agrees, there's not as much to say.


But surely all governments rule by fear and intimidation. That's why they have police forces.