UK's GCHQ spy agency is mandating a voice encryption protocol with a key-escrow backdoor

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Shouldn’t we start to expect that .gov “approved” technologies are on the horizon? I wouldn’t think it unimaginable that laws are passed where to deploy a technology it has to use approved protocols - heck, that’s not far from TCP/IP, or requiring a resume for a .gov job be submitted in *.docx format - fundamentally.

Time like this I think the glimmer of hope the intertubes represented has passed and the onus is on us to create the next internet that is truly free and open, with rules/regs imposed by community consensus and not trolls. I dunno, I do see times where the masses are very wrong and need a minority to lead them into the future (like civil rights) but all too often a minority just entrenches itself in order to prevent progress.

I’ve digressed and can’t find my way back…


Do they really believe Chinese would’t get hold of the master key?

…or do they just not care as long as they themselves have one?

Kill them with atomic fire, I’d say, and then continue nuking the area from orbit until it’s a deep pool of molten glass, just to be sure.

the building makes such a nice target. ten points for the first one hitting bullseye.


I’d suggest a robust nuclear earth penetrator. Who knows how many levels are underground, better be safe than sorry.

Nukemap doesn’t do earth penetrators, but a 100kT surface explosion leaves a roughly GCHQ sized crater.

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Oy! That’s the town I currently live in, thank you very much. Throw your nuclear toys around somewhere else, if you don’t mind.

That’s the reason why I hate the term “collateral damage”. The belittlement makes it too easy to hide atrocities.


England, do your part. Resist them, oppose them, and shut them down.

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Yeah, I’m only just outside the Radiation Zone. There’s only 100+ thousand people in that area…

RNEP. Blast it sufficiently underground and not only you’ll need smaller cheaper warhead as the energy coupling will be better. you also confine most of the bad stuff down there.

A VOIP encryption protocol the UK spy agency GCHQ is pushing for mandatory adoption comes with a hidden surprise an entirely predictable feature: a built-in backdoor that lets anyone who has a master key decrypt the call.



We’re not trying to destroy a whole region here. Don’t we already have non-atomic warheads with high enough yields to obliterate GHCQ without the fallout?

If you absolutely must fulfil a level of sadistic pleasure, at least use a thermobaric weapon instead of an atomic one. The former at least kills in a very unpleasant way without rendering the surrounding area uninhabitable for years to come.

Do you want to be sure, or not?

These are pretty good. But not good enough. Remember that the vermins to eradicate here are tougher than cockroaches.

The glass parking lot would have its lasting, long-term role - to serve as a monument for others who’d want to have the same nosy ambitions.

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