Snooper's Charter is dead: let's hammer a stake through its heart and fill its mouth with garlic


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I see one problem with making this an election issue and it’s highlighted in the quote:

My fear is the majority will hear the word “terrorism” and be all too happy to sign away their privacy.

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Don’t forget to stitch its mouth and pockets shut and bury it at a crossroads, Cory!

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My MP’s constituency also covers GCHQ. I often wonder how that factors into his political decisions.

If I were him I’d start by making sure the public were made pointedly aware that I have a wrist watch with a secret inscription hidden on it, don’t have track marks on my wrist and that I always walk the dog with at least 5 witnesses.

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Some bad ideas will never go away. Here in the US, they’re still trying to ban abortion, despite massive opinion shift and court rulings. The only answer is to sleep in shifts.


There’s a term in this piece that is a bit foreign on this side of the Pond. Could one of you Brits explain this “competitive election” thing?

And then nuke the crossroads from orbit. With robust nuclear earth penetrator warheads.

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And then blast it with a Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

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And then nuke the area again, couple more times, until it is a deep lake of boiling glass. And then some more.

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