Gecko Feet Inspire Wall-Climbing Gloves


now I only need the upper body strength to do more than one pull up


Suddenly all those old movies where high-tech thieves scale walls to rob art galleries just got a whole lot more plausible.

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Do want!

I want them on my Five Fingers shoes.


I’m going to have to see video of this before I fully believe it - it’s just a little too fantastical at this point. But I’m hoping it’s true - it would be very cool. It’s interesting (and somewhat disappointing) that it’s limited to very smooth surfaces. I’ll wait for the version that can stick to brick,drywall, etc…

I’m working on a snake suit so I can slither quickly across the sand.

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No pictures or video?

I was going to say this. . . an article like this needs video of a guy climbing a wall, or why even bother?

Here you go:

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His name is Elliot Hawkes, not Michael Elliot Hawks. No clue where you even came up with that, unless you read the article and then posted from memory an hour later, and “Mechanical engineer Elliot Hawkes” morphed into that name.

Okay, that’s pretty incredible. Of course, those aren’t really gloves, more like movable hand-holds, but still very cool.

@daenris: Are you sure you don’t mean Ethan Hunt?

That’s totally bullshit. You can see the same moonrocks they used in the…oh, nevermind.

I like how the gloves “will” allow humans to scale walls. Not that they do, mind you. But they will - honest.

So you’re thinking of parkour applications, then?

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