Geek out with this nerdy DIY soap

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Hans Solo!?


Saponified carbonite!


Where’s the Jackhammer Jill mold?


The Germans are taking over!

More accurate, where’s the Jackhammer Jill 3d model that can be printed negative and used as a mould, or printed positive and cast in silicone as a mould?

And where is the way to turn any object you have around into a silicone mould? :stuck_out_tongue: Who need consumption-ready artefacts? :stuck_out_tongue:

…also, ready-made soap base? What did happen to mixing drain cleaner with vegetable oil?

3D printed Jackhammer Jill - boing - Boing Boing BBS
Has a link to the stl file.


How do you pluralize it?


The STL file is quite unsuitable to make a mould, though. No way the thing could be taken out of it. But could be a good starting point…

…is there some software for mangling STL files into moulds? Something that takes the object, orients it in space, then fills everything above the lowest point and turns vertical lines to slightly diverging, to facilitate removal?

Perhaps do it in the slicer? The integration of the layers (no unfilled point above a filled point) could be done by overlapping the layers and ORing all the points from all the layers below. The slight divergence could then be done by edge-detecting, comparing with the layer just below, and if the edges are identically positioned, add a tiny teeny bit of material.

There can be only one!
…problem solved.


Yes: one would think nerdy DIY soap would start with triglycerides and sodium hydroxide.

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I suspect that’s a Hulk fist, rather than Thing. I don’t think Thing ever punched anyone…

Green is Hulk fist, yellow is Thing.

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