Silcone skull molds for ice, chocolate, or soap

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If one was to really cram some head cheese in there, would it retain the skull shape?

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The only way to legitimately use these is by never pointing out that you are.

A good reminder that you’ll die soon, so no point to not eat one more chocolate skull.

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Need these

If you use them for soap you should wash them before using them for ice.


“mementos mori”??

Strange plural. How did that happen?

We should ask the Attorneys General when they attend the Courts Martial for the Surgeons General.

Oh gah, that sounds snarky, and I didn’t mean it that way. I was just trying to write a sentence with similar constructions. I don’t know what it’s called, though.

Two part silicone ice molds are generally a pain to work with. Even though they are non stick it is hard to get pieces out if they have any sort of complex geometry.

Some people buy these novelty molds and fill them with melted jeweler’s wax so they can make lost wax castings in silver. Big, solid silver casts get kind of pricey but that one might make a cool knob for a cane.

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Make it from zinc or aluminium for lower cost. Or bronze for higher but still manageable cost. Or even pewter would do if all you got is a kitchen stove.

Silver casts well but is grossly overpriced.

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