Game controller silicone molds for chocolate, candy & ice


nice , but when will there be a silicone food mold in the shape of my beloved trackman marble fx ??

Does anybody else have trouble with these silicon molds not holding a shape very well? I have a silicon shotglass mold that I thought would be really neat, but every time I’ve tried to use them they end up with big dents and deformities, even when I set them up perfectly level on a cookie sheet. The expansion of the ice seems to deform the silicone before it is completely frozen.

The balls on this one!

Haven’t tried that, but water will expand by about 9% after it freezes, so make sure to leave room. Also, you may want to start out with refrigerated water so the ice will form evenly. Room temp water will freeze where it’s thinnest and then move to the thicker parts of the glass. That may be causing the deformities.

I actually used filtered water from my fridge because it makes clearer ice than regular (aerated) tap water.

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Are you freezing the moulds before using them?
Thought being it might make them slightly stiffer and encourage quicker freezing of the water in contact with the silcone.

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Too bad. I’m guessing you have the one-piece that freezes them upside down. The only other recommendation I have is to freeze about a third of the way full first - where just the sides of the glass would be - and then try adding the base. You’ll end up with a weak point at the seam, but it might work.

Also, you don’t want to wrap the tray in anything - airflow makes it freeze faster.

Yep, that’s the one.

Silicone doesn’t have much heat mass, so freezing the mold first probably won’t help much. I’ve considered trying a multipart freeze to see if it works, but that’s turning into a lot of effort for a stupid novelty glass.

I have access to a colder freezer now (down at 0F instead of 20F) so I might give it another go just to see if it makes a difference. This topic closes in 4 days…I might be able to post a picture of the results if it works.


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