D20 ice-molds


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I wonder what the “ice cube” and “whiskey” are in that shot. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen whiskey form droplets on ice like that.

So, was I the only person who saw the title and was confused as to why one would need special ice-molds for heavy water?

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Yeah, I saw a shot of this earlier and was wondering the same thing. Neither whiskey nor water form drops on ice like that. I’m incredibly skeptical that you could get ice to look at all that good.

I have the death star 2-part ice mold and getting it to come out right is a pain. Part of the problem for me is that the mold is dark blue; if it was translucent at least I could see how far up the fill line is. When you fill it too much you get more of a death nipple than a death star. I’ll have to try the freeze it in 2 halves method.

Also putting that much ice in a glass of whiskey is a crime. Putting ANY ice in whiskey is generally frowned upon.


I love the purple velvet the tumbler is sitting on…


[quote=“NathanHornby, post:6, topic:16501, full:true”]
Also putting that much ice in a glass of whiskey is a crime. Putting ANY ice in whiskey is generally frowned upon.
[/quote] True. This is cool, but I prefer my whiskey neat. Besides, that’s no ice moon.

Did you ever try those Whiskey Stones? They cool the drink without diluting it.

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The issue most whiskey snobs have is not with diluting but with cooling which dulls the flavor. Adding water can actually open up a whiskey and is almost necessary for any cask-strength versions.


I would argue that depends on the variety of Whiskey…With just the right amount of melting ice in it, bourbon develops a sweet flavor.

If I’m going to play with ice that way, I really want to avoid the cloudiness from the dissolved air as it freezes. I suppose I could freeze and then thaw the water first, to try to get a clear ice, but I’m sure there’s something clever for when the pros do it.

The picture looks like they cast some clear resin in a mold for the photo. Real ice could be made to look that good, but it’d be much harder to shoot. Given who they’re marketing to, I think they should have taken the time to at least make it look realistic.

I think I read somewhere that the key is to start with hot water and/or freeze it slowly. I saw a post where they put the molds inside an ice chest before putting the ice chest in the freezer. The idea is that the slower the freeze, the clearer the resulting ice.

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Perhaps measure the amount of water used, and then for future molds pre-measure and adjust as needed?

For my own taste, the problem is the cooling, not the diluting. Mizuwari is a perfectly reasonable way to drink whiskey.

Oh thanks. I’m not a fan of whiskey, but came across those stones in a store.

Clearly, I know nothing about whiskey.

Yup, although normally only very small
amounts of water.

It’s a matter of preference. Whiskey stones have become pretty popular. I actually have a set myself, but I use them for my mixed drinks, which I don’t want water in.

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I believe the reason for clear ice resulting from hot water is that the hot water has no dissolved air.