A cocktail inside a hollow ball of ice that you shatter to drink


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Serve quickly…I’m thinking that the alcohol inside is going to serve as anti-freeze and start melting it from the inside…


That looks like a great way to ingest a lot of broken glass. Ice generally takes hits with a hammer a lot better than glass does, even assuming your assuredly sober hammer swinging doesn’t occasionally miss the target or glance off of a rounded surface.


For this trick I’d invest in plastic drink-ware while I practice. I’d think the presentation would forgive what you serve it in.


I’d be so tempted to take a whack at it with one of these.


The Aviary does this with a neat little “slingshot” that fits over the rim of the glass - you pull back and release to snap the ice sphere open.



That’s why I invested in a whiskey laser.




I stopped reading at “soldering iron” and “syringe.” That’s way too much weird for one drink.


I have a technique for putting the ice inside the drink.


That just makes it more EXCITING!


It’s getting closer to this… https://youtu.be/j0YdqFPbSpc?t=40


I don’t value presentation enough to pay what I assume would be a premium on the experience.

We have a bar in town which is famous for being old and for making an elaborate presentation out of Spanish Coffee. It’s very impressive and I’m sure takes great skill. But the result was a decent Spanish Coffee. No cocktail can live up to these presentations.

/journey not destination, yeah yeah yeah


the question is: What is my heart, Alex?


I stopped reading at “soldering iron” That’s way too much lead for one drink.


Beat me to it. :smile:


Yeah it screams premade stuff inserted into the ice which will end up being meh. I would rather pay for fresh squeezed juice for my old fashioned/sour over that. The one presentation I have had that I thought was nifty was a warm sake in a heavy bottomed clear glass which was nested in a larger glass of hot water.


Wouldn’t the cocktail just taste like a rubber balloon? What if you have a latex allergy?


Not if the bar is in Flint, Michigan :wink: