An easy way to make clear ice for drinks

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Warm water may help a bit, but the key is definitely the open top insulated container to facilitate directional freezing. I picked up a silicone ice ball maker a while back, and this is exactly how it works. As a bonus there is usually enough excess at the bottom to make some clear cubes as well.

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I loved this video and it finally gave me something to use my Japanese fret saw for.

I have an idea for a super duper special cocktail with both multiple nested ice spheres, and one that has a funtional burning gimbaled censer inside a hollow ice sphere. I was given a copy of The Aviary cocktail book, by family that lives in Chicago proper, and I’m trying to go all out.

This is the best explanation of how to get clear ice both at home and how its done commercially Ive yet seen.

Dont forget- smoked ice is a thing. You can smoke your ice by just putting an aluminum foil tent over a bowl of water lighting wood chips underneath, and letting smoke for a while- then freezing water.

Fat washing whiskey is really fun too- pour hot bacon fat in your bourbon, and let sit- stir a few times over 6 hours, then put in fridge overnight. Fat separates, pour whiskey thru cheesecloth, your whiskey will have a meaty taste and entirely unique silky texture.

Then smoke it.

I have the same ice ball maker … it works very well, better than all the others I have tried. I start with hot water and make sure I fill it to the top. One day later and I have perfectly clear, round ice balls that make any homemade cocktail into a fancy $15.00 cocktail.

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Please, please, please tell me you’re not doing this to a decent whiskey. I’m of the opinion that adding ice to whiskey is too much. Adding bacon to whiskey is just abhorrent.


Its meant for cocktails, and no, it doesnt make your whiskey taste overtly like bacon. It changes the actual texture of the alchohol itself. Can be done with any natural fat- like duck fat. Hard to describe the effect- has a different mouthfeel than alcohol, more like a fine broth, made of alcohol.

I am not doing this with your precious Pappy.

I always drank my spirits neat, no ice, and straight. I had cocktails prepared this way and it is good. This is only intended for cocktails. I don’t use 300$ a bottle bourbon and rye for cocktails. I might use an 80$ a bottle though.

If using bacon, it gives a subtle meaty smoky taste. Subtle.

I’ve drank a lot of whiskey with some very snobby people, who have plenty of opinions on the best way to drink xyz. My opinion- I’ll drink however I please. You do the same. Give it a try sometime though- make a Manhattan using fat washed, smoked whiskey- it’s quite good.


It would be nice if your article also credited the channel The Modern Rogue and it’s creators, Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy.

I’ll drink to that. No (real) snark intended. If baconified whiskey is your wonderful thing, who am I to disagree?

Seriously it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking bacon.

Give it a try- if you’re really hesitant, it works well with harsher cheaper Bourbons like Bullit

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