How to make a smoke bomb cocktail


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Mark, you really know how to throw out those NSA key search words!



I just see handing my guest the cocktail hammer, him breaking the glass, booze goes everywhere, the ice ball rolling under the chair where the dog start to whine for it…


I’d say the hardest part of this is making the hollowed-out ice sphere with the cherry-sized access hole. That step is, unfortunately, assumed. Reminds me of the Steve Martin stand up bit, “How To Become A Millionaire”. “Step 1: Get a million dollars. Step 2 …”


no gloves


Oh my- I think I need to do this when serving a Laphroaig.


Those are some incredibly dark ‘Mare-ass-kino’ cherries.



For me at the end one of the videos is “How to make an iceball cocktail.” He shows you how there.

Step 1. is “Buy a mold.”


it actually is the hardest part. the ice has to be thick enough that you won’t melt it when you pour in the drink (if you’re putting the drink in, instead of smoke), but thin enough that it’s easy to break. it’s all about timing in the freezer.


OMG, get yourself some Luxardo cherries. Soooo superior to those horrid red dye #3 soaked cherries you find at the grocery.


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