Make elegant chocolate bowls using a balloon

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Does anybody actually do this? I’m not sure I want to serve my guests out of rubber-flavored chocolate bowls that melt when touched. I suppose they would be better for ice cream than soup, but it still seems like one of those things like making your own furniture out of milk cartons.

I did an image search for and was surprised at the lack of documented failure.

A comment at emphasizes the use of “tempered chocolate”.

Pastry chefs use balloons all the time to make bowls, with tempered chocolate. Untempered, melted chocolate won’t set.

I don’t know about gourmet uses, but my kids enjoyed making them last year. The ice cream stops the chocolate from melting too quickly, and chilling the bowls beforehand can also help. You can also drip different kinds of chocolate on top of a balloon to make lattice shapes or other designs.

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘as useful as a chocolate teapot’?

(And in case you were wondering, yes, someone has actually made a useable chocolate teapot. If you don’t mind tea with ‘a hint of chocolate’).

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