Chocolate cookie milk shots: milk tumblers made from chocolate chip cookies


oh no no no - cookie then milk


I love the ingenuity, but the biggest problem I can see is you have to drink the milk before the cookie cup becomes too soggy and falls apart. And the whole point of dunking cookies in milk is to get the cookie just ■■■■■ enough that it dissolves in your mouth, and then you wash it down with cookie-flavored milk.


This is really cool, but I see the potential for a real mess if you don’t drink up soon enough (soggies) or if you grasp or put down the mug too hard.

I’d love to get a couple of scoops of ice cream in one of these!

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I can’t be sure but I bet there is some sort of chocolate ganache in the lining.

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It certainly looks like some sort of lining, either that or the insides are cooked especially hard (which doesn’t seem likely). The color on the inside of the rim is decidedly darker than the outside.

Nothing so simple…

Yeah it's a non-nutritive cereal varnish. It's semi-permiable. It's not osmotic. What it does is it coats and seals the flake, prevents the milk from penetrating it."

Time to “tech” it up… Produce the glass form with a 3D cookie dough printer. Either the dough at the bottom can be thicker or the composition of the dough can be more dense. Through trial and error (and much gnoshing), I will arrive with a cup that is precisely calibrated to absorb enough milk for the desired amount of moistness for a 5 minute sip-n-bite session.

Edit. Need to build in a non-cookie reservoir at the bottom, so one can get that last sip of cookie-infused milk to wash it all down.


Clearly the way to go is to do shot sized ones so you can pop the whole thing in your mouth. I’ll have to give that a go this weekend.


Now this is a good idea.

Brilliant. If you need, er, gneed gnoshers I stand ready to volunteer.


This is kind of funny. As a kid, I had a book called “Inventions No One Mentions”. It was a great book that included 80 or so inventions that failed. The included a Ferris wheel that worked by river current and a doggie car seat for the window (that one was even pictured on the front cover).

If I remember correctly, one of the inventions in there there was a cookie cup, just like this one.


It looks like they’ve had melted chocolate swirled round the inside. If they haven’t, then they should swirl melted chocolate round the inside.


Non-nutritive varnish: I’m guessing shellac, which is used as a coating for many candies and medicines.

That ought to work.

Most Americans really don’t want to think about how many pounds of insect products other than honey they eat each year. Never mind the unintended insect parts.

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For Science!

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That invention was just waaay ahead of it’s time - they needed someone to invent the Internet, cat videos, and social media first.

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How about some kind of pump kind of like the ones used to inflate soccer balls? So what you do then is make hollow balls of dough, and after they’re cooked you can pump cold milk in.

I don’t know what the experience would be like but it would certainly be unique.

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I place the cookie inbetween my lips & front teeth, then suck milk through it till it dissolves. It ain’t pretty, but I ain’t stopping doing it.

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:35 mark, Jimmy Fallon’s cereal bowl made out of cereal.

I think you may need to Kickstart this…funding a 3D food grade printer, several gallons of milk and a hundred pounds or so of cookie dough for experimentation. Low end rewards could be a pdf chronicling your tests and experiments, next level could be an stl file of the final design, and then some printed cups, personalized cups…

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