WATCH: Dispense ice-cold candies from your refrigerator's ice dispenser




Dispensing candy is great, but making candy would be even better. Hook that water supply line up to a warm tub of gummy candy broth and there you have it; gummy cubes!


Frozen gummy bears are nearly impossible.


Nah, just run them under hot water to separate out the tooth fragments.


That’s just wrong.

And by “wrong”, obviously I mean that it’s incredibly awesome.


Hrmm… Hallowe’en party idea - fill the ice bin with “fun sized” chocolate bars.


This is how I figured out where my mom was hiding the fudgesicles. PLOP fudgesicle right into my iced tea.


Not to be a party poop, but why would one want a glass full of frozen candy? Chocolate is so much better at room temperature. Are there candies that taste better frozen?


To my (unrefined and unabashed) palate, a deep freeze takes the throat-clenching-chemical-y-ness of Reese’s peanut butter cups down a notch such that I can more fully appreciate the (fake) chocolate flavor. Why a person would freeze Starbursts is beyond me (so too is why someone would eat Starbusts, but that’s another discussion). Why a person would wear a baseball cap, film themselves dispensing candy from an ice dispenser or participate in a discussion forum devoted to said dispensation is also beyond my comprehension, but these are the times we live in.


I agree that “good” chocolate is best at room temperature, but I do like sticking my M&Ms in the fridge and have them cold. Would be perfect for this.


Can we get a ban on linking to ANY videos that are shot portrait mode? Seriously, WTF is WRONG with you people? AreIs all of America lying sideways on their couches?


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