Help determine this year's Hallowe'en Candy Hierarchy


Is the poll broken? How can “Any full-sized candy bar” have single digits? Did people think you could only choose one item?


I wish I could experience a proper American halloween. You guys seem to really go for it. Even if its only a fraction like you see in films and whatnot, it’s so much better than anything we have here.

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Vicodin only had 41 votes? liars.

And Reggie Jackson Bars no longer exist, right? Because now I want one.

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Can I just classify the whole category of “candy that tastes like sweetened sidewalk chalk” under the DESPAIR category?


Haven’t existed since 1993 when they made a small comeback for Jackson’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

Not really distinguishable from a Baby Ruth. Load up on those.

What fucker voted for Candy Corn


We can give all the Candy Corn to Seanan.

For some reason that reminded me that when I was quite young I liked to let the licorice or clove flavored Necco Wafers sit on my tongue until they dissolved. Strange memory.

I’m really surprised that there are so many people who dislike licorice. By far that’s my favorite candy – particularly the British-style allsorts.


Whenever I see these new seasonal products that are ‘candy corn’ flavored, I wonder, “Who the fuck thought, ‘Yeah, we need more food products that taste like slightly chalky corn syrup.’”


My daughter noticed that with high fructose corn syrup being its main ingredient candy corn actually is corn!


I know it’s quaint’n’all that, but isn’t it about time we changed up to Halloweve or something a little more contemporary? I suppose at least we dropped the 's.


I ask you.

I have a total disdain for Jolly Ranchers that borders on pathology. They were the “cool” in thing when I was in elementary school - the watermelon ones specifically. I never liked them, and the association with those obnoxious kids I went to school with makes them truly taste of despair to me.

FOR DESPAIR: lollipops, raisons.

Is the person’s first language French? Because that would actually be funny.

Otherwise, it’s “raisins”.


I didn’t do the numbers, but it looks to me like the percentages are based on total possible votes (number of people voting, casting anywhere from one to every vote on each list).

I voted Vicodin! AGAINST
I just finished a prescription last week, hated the stuff.


I voted in favor of licorice. Wasn’t partial to it as a kid, but then found out that most US licorice is fake. A few years ago I started getting some imported from northern Europe. Salmiakki, Turkish pepper, griotten - there’s a lot of great stuff out there.

Just want to warn you: the tendency, once you find a source for real licorice, is to go hog-wild, but you need to be aware of the fact that licorice has medical consequences. If you start feeling heart palpitations, stop eating so much of it!

Not that I’m speaking from experience, or anything.

Tough call, but I have to say Toblerone is the worst thing on there. And yes, I did see Kale smoothie as well as Senior Mints.

Fucking Toblerone. THE WORST.

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