Tell us about your Halloween candy preferences, and other things besides


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With so many costumes adorning this election season, you might think the Halloween get-ups are overkill. Think again, because David Ng and B.R. Cohen are here to present the official universal survey about your candy favorites for the 2016 hierarchical delineation of candy virtue.


Chardonnay causes me DESPAIR. There I admitted it. If I get chardonnay in my trick-or-treat bag I could give it away to someone who likes it but only in exchange for beer. I can’t just give it away of course because that’s not how Halloween works.


The great thing about Halloween candy is its versatility. You can trade the stuff you abhor for stuff you love, because “another man’s treasure”.

I lean heavily toward fruit flavors/gummi/chocolate+mint, so it’s easy to obtain Starburst, Gummi, and odd things like Salt-Water Taffy from people who want my Snickers or Almond Joy.


Don’t forget to post you and/or your kids costumes in the Halloween thread:


“Kinder Happy Hippo”

OMFG - this is on the list? Who put this here? Do they have a stash? Are they sharing? Why aren’t they sharing???

I want the Hazelnut kind!


Oh this so made my morning… and I so want some Lemon Heads now.


My current tastes have changed from when i was a kid though not drastically, so ranking the candy will depend on which version of me we’re talking about. Kid me totally loved Jolly Ranchers, and almost no one gave those out so getting even one was like hitting jackpot. Didn’t mind other similar candies and lollipops. Beyond that the other candies i liked i still do like, which is mostly chocolates like Snickers.
I did greatly enjoy the homemade stuff too which not a lot of people did, but i had a lot of appreciation for the homes that did. Even if it was baggies of popcorn.


No Swedish Fish on the list?


I like candy corn. There. I said it.

And circus peanuts.


It was when I took it.


We’d probably get along just fine, i dislike gummy, taffy type candies and the more fruity ones if they are too sweet/strong it can give me headaches. I prefer chocolates… but none of that mint chocolate nonsense :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ll trade you my Mars, Twix, Mounds, Almond Joy, Butterfinger, and Snickers for your Dots, Gummi of any sort, Starburst, taffy, cherry licorice, and Junior Mints/York Peppermint.



You and me, sir, have a date after 10:00pm on Halloween! I don’t even require an even trade to get rid of my Starburst, Gummis, and Salt-Water Taffy, especially with the offer of Almond Joy on the table!!

I had a hard time answering about Butterfinger, because I can’t stand them but a very close friend loves them, and so several families (including ours) make a point of handing over any that we get. So do they fill me with despair? Well, I won’t eat them, but I know they will bring joy to my friend.


They were there. You missed them. More for me.


Mint + Chocolate always goes first.

The only thing more interesting than someone who’s wrong is someone who’s passionate about being wrong.

Flavors mint complements: none.


"Because Mint + Chocolate always goes first. Then Caramel + Chocolate. Then, if you must, Peanut Butter + Chocolate. "
Whaaaa? No. No. This is Trump-level wrong. Now, it depends on the specificities of the candies, obviously, but if we’re talking about the white, vaguely-minty goo with chocolate of a “Junior Mint” or the like, compared with equivalent American candies, then the hierarchy is definitely caramel, peanut butter, mint.
This survey just makes me lose my faith in humanity.


I have your back.


For me the hierarchy is chocolate + nuts, chocolate + other (rice krispies, or mixed ones like snickers), then chocolate + peanut butter, then plain chocolates (milk, white or dark), then any with caramel, then any with nougat, and lastly any with mint or other flavors dead last.


You’re not alone. A lot of Americans are trying to make one president.