Death Star ice cube mold


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I have these. The details on the ice ball pretty much disappear instantly…although they do make a nice ice sphere to use for Whiskey…don’t expect to serve a glass to someone with a recognizable death star. (Edit: Maybe serve it in a glass with the liquid in a shot glass on the side).

Much better is the Han Solo in carbonite molds:

They hold up a little better. But even better than using them for ice is using them for gummy bears. There’s plenty of online recipes. I’ve used vitamin c powder and a dusting of citric acid for my own Multi-colored Solo Gummies.

Also…I’ve made Han Solo Chocolate by melting down some wilton (?) chocolate used for candy molding. (Edit: And individual Han Solo Butter Pats).

Jason, if you have these…I’d like to see a gummy bear recipe with these.

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But why would anyone want to chill a tumbler of whiskey?

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Because not everyone likes it neat.

Some like it with a dash of still water.

Some like it chilled with a rock or two.

Some like a full glass of ice.

We all have our own tastes and likes. Amazing isn’t it?


I got one of theses for a present, but have never managed a clear water freeze, it always ends up cloudy and cracked. what’s the trick?

Boil the water first to get clear ice.

I wonder if you could make an outer mother mold (support shell) to stabilize and support the silicone mold and then cast melted pewter in it successfully. It would make an interesting ornament if it could be hollow cast.

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That’s no round ball of ice…


People say it’s boiling etc. That’s not true. You have clear ice on lakes…etc.

Why…Because they are frozen slowly.

Quick freezing causes the cloudy stuff on ice.
Put them in a thermal lunch box…and then freeze them…the slowness of the temp change makes ice clear.

A 24 or 48 hour slowing from liquid to frozen will give you clear ice.

Normally…ice molds will freeze in a hour or …put it in a insulated containter…it will freeze clear.


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