Cocoa Pebbles ice cream tacos

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Sooo… rice krispy squares, with cocoa pebbles instead of rice krispies?

Also - I want!

I’m going to have to try this, but I’m a little skeptical - doesn’t the marshmallow get all hard when it gets cold?

What I want is a recipe for making a cone out of something like what’s on the Good Humor strawberry shortcake bar. Man I was addicted to those things in middle school.

I can’t stop staring at it.

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mmmm diabetes

… i want one

I wonder if fluff would work better than the marshmallows.

The other added components likely play the role of a plasticizer in the resulting mixture. Their molecules and particulates get embedded in the structure of the crosslinked polymer chains of the marshmallow matrix, significantly altering its mechanical properties.

Look at the material structure and if the theory looks sound, I suggest an experiment!
(You can also test it blindly, without any theoretical foundations, and just go for the phenomenology.)


That’s what the butter is for.

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…I have to learn the art of less precise but more terse expression…

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