The magic ingredient in a chocolate dip cone


I love the chocolate dip cone. But regular melted chocolate will also harden when in contact with cold. Does the oil simply hasten the process?

Combine the chocolate with melted suet for a much more savory result…
Decided to do a search to see if this was possible – yuck, it used to be used as a replacement for cocoa butter in cheap chocolate (the substitution was given away by the fact that it didn’t melt in your mouth).

With coconut oil they can make a chocolate dip that’s liquid at room temperature but solidifies when it comes in contact with ice cream (or, as the article notes, some ice cream and a lot of air). I bet coconut oil is also the secret ingredient with that “magic shell” topping you can buy in the store–the stuff that comes out of the bottle a liquid but turns into a crunchy shell as soon as it hits your ice cream.

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oh man. my mouth waters at the thought of pot-infused chocolate dip cones :heart_eyes: coconut oil being the ideal extraction medium for THC

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