My favorite ice cream scoop is on sale today


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The people of the Wall-E universe love the 40oz scoop.


Use the same tablespoon you use to eat. One less dish.


When looking for an Ice-cream scoop, go for the one piece.


Except when you have hard, spoon-bending ice cream and don’t want to bump up the temp on your freezer. In those cases, this ice cream scoop does a great job and is super easy to clean.




Particularly hard ice cream will bend/destroy said spoon. I’ve been asked by numerous people in my life to stop killing their spoons.

In fact I broke my own ice cream scoop on a particularly stiff quart of chocolate pudding pie ice cream from a local shop last night. So the timing of this sale is apt.


This is a good ice cream scoop. It is the first good one we’ve owned in a long time. Way easier on the hand than a spoon, breaks/bends way less than other ones we’ve had.


my favorite ice cream scoop: image


It should be removed from the freezer several minutes before it is needed. True of almost all ice cream. In the theatre it used to be someone’s job to take the ice cream tubs out 10 minutes before the interval so that they were actually edible with the little carboard ‘spoons’, immediately. These days not so much attention is paid to such details, sadly.



Wait several minutes for ice cream?


We’ve had one for years, but thinking on it now, I’m dubious that a liquid really conducts heat better than if this was just made out of solid aluminum instead of being hollow. But I really have no idea. I suppose you have to take thermal mass and heat conductivity into account.


That’s never happened. Not once.

Heat the spoon up under hot tap water before scooping. Also. Don’t buy cheap ass serving utensils. :slight_smile:


Calm down - no, that is why you take it out in advance so you DON’T have to wait for soft, edible ice cream. (Yes, I am assuming a dessert course where the icy pudding is removed before the main course is over. Or - as I noted - someone else should have done it so that your interval tub at the theatre is ready to go the moment you buy it.)
Or just eat spoon-bending ice cream. :wink:


Probably should just have a separate freezer set to just the right temperature for scoopable ice cream :slight_smile:


Well, there is always that option. But ultimately it becomes freezers all the way down.


You can fit it on top of the wine refrigerator. :thinking:


My chocolate fridge is there. I may need a kitchen refit. Hey-ho.


Well there’s the confusion. I’m assuming the ice cream is the main course.