Dig into hard ice cream with this pointy tip scoop


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Don’t bother with specialized scoops – unless you don’t have a microwave. A few seconds in the zapper will soften the ice cream enough that you can use a regular spoon to dish it out.


a butter knife is my go-to tool for serving ice cream

  • “SOFTEN” key
  • 2 for Ice Cream
  • 1 = pint 2 = quart 3 = way too much ice cream


Nice, but this can’t practically replace the simple spoon I use when eating straight from the ice cream pint container.


A spoon? Tres declasse. If you don’t have the latest scoop, how can you expect to be anybody in le monde glacee?


I have the OXO scoop, and it was my favorite for a few years. I was house sitting recently and the owners had a Faberware scoop that I decided I liked even more. https://www.amazon.com/Farberware-Soft-Grip-Cream-Scoop/dp/B00FIV6F4Q is half scoop and half spade.

It’s easier to get the ice cream out of the carton, and then out of the scoop into your serving container.


I do lift my pinky finger up whilst using the spoon. That should count.

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