Rusty Blazenhoff recommends this industrial ice cream scoop

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Thrifty (and Sav-On) were my go to ice cream counters from age 3 until the time I left the L.A. basin.
Good times…


The Amazon link just takes me to the standard Amazon website, i was also under the impression the scoops couldn’t be found for purchase online last time you guys posted about it.

So what’s good about it exactly? Judging by the video, it basically seems completely impractical for home use.


It’s neat that it makes that strange shape, but not 50 clams worth of neat.

I don’t see anything good about that scooper. any advantage would be only for very unique, specialized situations. This scooper really does look great:

As someone who used the real thing at one time, they’re lousy scoops unless two things are true: 1. You can fit your whole hand, holding it, into the container easily, and 2. The ice cream is not frozen hard.

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This gadget seems useful only if



Even she doesn’t sound that excited about her “favorite” scoop.

Also, “Cake” cones are truly terrible and should be abolished from the face of the earth.


Nothing related to scooping ice cream, at least. This thing exists because Californians are nostalgic for the Thrifty brand ice cream sold inside a CA pharmacy chain. This is the type of scoop these stores used for several decades (maybe still do) to scoop ice cream.

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Which is probably more durable, much simpler to use, and much simplere to clean. Cheaper, too.

Thrifty got absorbed by Rite-Aid, and you can still get scoops of ice cream like this served there.

Of course it’s $1.79 for a single now (not the $0.15 it was when I was a tyke)… Rite-aid appears to have abandoned Thrifty’s “loss leader” concept at least for the ice cream.

Shallow Depth Core Sampler

these are the way to go, scoop-wise

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