Thrifty "square" ice cream scoops already sold out

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(Easily my favorite scene of any Jarmusch movie.)


I’m more saddened by the fact that I can only find Thifty Ice Cream in small ‘Water and Ice’ style stores here in Arizona. No Rite-Aid’s. We used to have Thrifty when growing up and going to get their unique ice cream was always more of a treat than the local DQ.


I miss everything about Thrifty, including their weird radio ads featuring some guy and his fretful old immigrant mother who didn’t speak English.

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I loves ice cream, but I don’t get the appeal.
I guess the scoops stack better, but otherwise is it nostalgia?
Never had Thrifty ice cream, but would love to try it. Anyone know if I can get some in the Dallas, TX area?


I also had never heard of it, but after some quick image-searching, I can see the appeal.


I’d eat that in whatever shape though.


So it looks like it basically makes a core sample in ice cream? The rock hound in me finds this appealing.


I’ll wait for the next generation, the ‘cube’ version. And why not escape from the polynomial scoop and get a cosine scoop?

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Why not go next level and just make a cone mold? I can’t stand to have air space in the bottom of the cone. Every where I’ve had ice cream on the East coast uses a scooper.


The best Thrifty Ice Cream flavor: Double Chocolate Malted Crunch!

Was this the reason for the invention of softserve?



Maybe, but I find that less likely than having a machine with endless mix and make capability. My wife loves soft serve, but still gets hard scope on a cone because it will melt to fast otherwise.

Mmmm… Black Cherry - my favorite Thrifty flavor. (Followed closely by butter pecan.)

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Its entirely possible they’re out of stock because RiteAid was bought out by Walgreens and they began transitioning stores in a serious way this month.

RiteAids have been refusing orders and deliveries from suppliers for weeks and cutting certain products to reduce stock and make the refits easier.

I’ll be in and out of RiteAids today for work, I’ll see what I can spot.


Square scoops do exist:


All but one of the RiteAids visited today had neither the scoops, nor the ice cream. They rolled that stuff out pretty recently here (I think August), and all stores had the ice cream, displays and tons of signage.

The one that’s still got the ice cream has very little, and most of the signage is gone. They’re clearly not taking the product in at the moment. Walgreens may have cut it now that they’re controlling RiteAid’s supply chain, or they may have delayed the roll out till the stores are all Wallgreensed. The stores all cut certain things like cigarettes early this year on Walgreen’s say so. But the one slated to transition have also been refusing all orders of beer for a couple months. And all that stuff is slated to return. So maybe it’ll be back.

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Holy crap, this brings me back.

Also, these were awesome because the pricing was something like $0.15 single, $0.25 double, and $0.35 for a triple. Always wanted a triple, but Dad only sprang for the double. I don’t think I could have actually eaten a triple, but what kid wouldn’t want a tricolor cylinder of happiness?

(and yes, I take my kid to Rite-Aid to get scoops of this as well!)