Video: Hand-carving a sphere of ice


A Korean guy, judging from the circles-containing glyphs in the background.

Admirable skills. If I tried to make a sphere this way, I’d work on a shrinking potatoid until I’d end up with nothing.

…random thought. Could ice be machined on a lathe?

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What a cheat!

Every block of ice has a wonderful ice sphere inside it, just waiting to be carved out!

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Nice, but too bad he ruined the work of the person who carved that cube in less than three minutes.

If I tried to make a sphere this way, I wouldn’t have any fingers left to get frostbitten.

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You can get an aluminum ice press that will do this about this fast for around $300 USD. I don’t know how much the carver makes, but I would imagine you would recoup your $300 pretty quickly.

Where I see this making the most sense as a craft is where you’re bartending in a more upscale place. Something like extravagant flaming pours (we have a place in Portland called Huber’s that is kind of known for Irish coffee flame-arcs of around five feet).

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