Gene Simmons wants to trademark “devil horns” rock and roll sign


Trade mark these “birds” Gene Simmons.

Can hand gestures be trademarked?


I figured if they were anyone’s to trademark, it would’ve been this guy’s:

EDIT: Also, this:


Every so often Gene Simmons has to pull a publicity stunt to remind people he’s still alive and still an asshole.


I mean, prior art goes back… what…

1968 in rock and roll, and who the hell knows how far back in pagan religion and Mediterranean superstition.



Yeah, I thought Dio was generally credited with coming up with that symbol (within the metal realm anyway, I think he said he stole it from his grandmother, some kind of anti-evil-eye hex she used to give.)


Agreed. Gene he has turned the Kiss franchise into one big marketing machine and you’d think he’d know better than to attempt to go down such an obvious dead end. It will gain him some short term publicity but, I seriously doubt anyone will ever own a trademark for a hand sign. The “devil horn” hand sign belongs to every rocker young and old.

Can you imagine trying to enforce the trademark?


I’m surprised no one’s trademarked the peace sign by now (either the hand gesture or the circular symbol). I looked it up, though, and someone did try.


Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is trying to trademark the ‘hang loose’ gesture, to protect its global goodwill value from over-use.

[I made that up.]


still relevant, still touring able to point to decades of accomplishment.

More than I can say for my time in music.

Seems to me that the whole KISS franchise has been chugging along since the 70s just fine.


I can imagine taking my shoes off to get on an airplane, so, yeah, I sorta can. :confused:



“threatening a lawsuit and prison rape” Simmons is an asshole.


Well, he has a long history of boasting about his catalog of sexual conquests. Catalog, as in he takes their personal information and a Polaroid and puts it in a literal catalog.

So yeah.



Per Wiki: “Starting in early 1968, Coven concerts always began and ended with [lead singer] Dawson giving the sign on stage. This began the common use in heavy metal music.”

That precedes (the immortal!!) Dio by ~10 years, and – based on Simmons’s claimed first use – precedes Simmons by 6 years. Therefore… drop dead, Simmons.


Must be his wisdom, worldly sophistication, and erudition.


I doubt the great Vic Wooten would even argue he deserves to have sex that often based on his skill

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