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Thx! I hope he comes to truly understand why he has been filtered out here. :expressionless:


Sadly, what’s more likely is that he’ll just blame the forum at large for being “a liberal echo chamber,” rather than examining his own bias.


To some extent, that’s true, insofar as we’re not going to tolerate bigotry, labelling wide swaths of the population, or blanket propaganda against immigration or science or reason as “ok”.

The fact that any of that above is remotely the “liberal” position in the first place is the real problem IMHO, and I keep waiting for the conservative “We’ve been co-opted by bigots and racists” reckoning to come, yet it never does.


I don’t disagree at all.

At some point NOT BEING A TOTAL DICKHEAD TO OTHER PEOPLE somehow became a “bad” thing, and I wish I could honestly say ‘I don’t know how or when’ but I have some pretty damn good guesses.

You can’t build anything real and lasting on the back of lies and avarice, not to mention a crumbling infrastructure that was only ever meant to benefit one group above all others.

Eventually, every facade cracks and then breaks.


User unlicensed_bozo has been asked not to return. Their string of one-line comments, a large majority of which were single-sentence “whataboutisms” that were never followed up on, almost always derailed the topic, and often were removed as a result, contributed nothing here.


User acidrain69 has been asked not to return after exploding into a rant of tone-policing, pearl-clutching bad-faith faux indignation at having their position challenged.

Do not post here if you are not prepared to have your opinions and positions challenged. Do not post here if you are not prepared for criticism in equal or greater measure than praise. And do not pretend that such criticism or disagreement represents an “attack” on you or your values. Your opinions are not your value, they are your opinions, presumably formed by your experiences and perspective. Your perspective does not invalidate or diminish all others.

Far too much of late I have watched tone-policing and pushback because we are all tired, and we are all done with fighting every day for some shred of normalcy. But the BBS exists in a unique place where we can discuss many hard topics because we remain civil and respectful of ideas, positions, and perspectives that differ, provided they fall within our community guidelines. Do not fall victim to this users pattern of behaviour and choose indignation at differing opinions as your reason to run roughshod over the community and lose your place here.

Thank you.


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I prefer to be beast.

Erm, when appropriate.


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User Jonimus has been given a timeout for actual bad faith posting - Taking a contentious position, then when called on it, instead declaring that you don’t actually hold that position, and taking a different one instead.

If you are going to stake out a position on a topic, responding with “I didn’t really intend to argue this position” when challenged is basically admitting to trolling (or at the very least, admitting to derailing via hyperbole).


User wsraqoo has been removed after pushing multiple “both-sides-esque” strawmen in topics surrounding the insurrection at the Capitol.

I’ll make this plain: After all of the information that has been released about how bad the Capital building riot was, how bad it could have been, and how coordinated it was has been exposed over the pst few days, anyone who wants to try to use the BBS to push the narrative that there is somehow a parallel to protests or violence from BLM protests or other incidents in 2020 can find another forum to do so.

There are important discussions to be had around radicalization, unequal treatment and response, and whatnot, but that is where the similarities end, and trying to use the former protests and violence to “justify” the Jan 6th events or temper the response to them is equivalent to someone advocating for the actions taken. No way in hell that is going to fly on this forum.

Any version of that bullshit is a variant of either “The other side made this inevitable so they are not responsible” or “we should avoid angering them further” nonsense. Go elsewhere if you really believe that crap.


Those are all variations of victim blaming. Straight out of the abuser’s handbook. “Just look at what you made me do! Don’t make me angry or I’ll do more of it.” :frowning:


Fun fact:

BLM protests and any resulting unrest thereafter has’t killed any LEOs.


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But they hurt their fe-fes! /s


The truth tends to hurt.


Yep. But not nearly as bad as getting beaten to death with a fire extinguisher, though, I’m sure.


Call me cold-blooded; I’m just glad it wasn’t innocent BIPOC people who were the victims of prolific mob violence this time.


I agree. You’re not.