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Seriously though, posting Let Me Google That For You isn’t exactly any ‘advancement’ to the discourse; I basically stopped using it myself back when I joined this forum because I realized that it was not productive for actually communicating with the community here.

It’s just another way to be a dick, needlessly.


Like I said in the thread, we are nobody’s subcontractors here to do the work for them. I mean, look how much effort we had to put into that.


Also, as someone whose job consists of, in no small measure, Googling shit for people, I have come to understand and respect that Googling information requires a nontrivial investment of intellectual, temporal, and emotional energy, which unacknowledged reality is the silent “fuck you” behind LMGTFY.


Personally, I actually missed most of the melee this time; I mainly saw the cleanup and the latter resulting half of the ever useful phrase:

I completely agree.

Please don’t get me wrong; back in the day when I did use it, it was in almost always in reply to obvious bad faith actors who were ‘just asking’ the same exact questions over and over again, in an effort to derail the conversations at hand.

Here on BB, the majority of the community engages one another in good faith most of the time, (whether we actually agree or not) so such a counter-trolling tactic is no longer needed on my part.


In this case, for instance, the first hit on google was a wikipedia article that quoted things as a “city” the way they said, but if you actually looked any further, it was one of those directly connected municipalities where it’s semantics whether people count them as a separate city or not. So in googling that for Melz they actually did a pretty poor job on top of being condescending.


As someone whose job is, in no small measure, helping people discover better ways to find out better things than Google, I’m aware that it might not actually be useful, might be contradictory, might be pages of content farm SEO chum, Markov chains, LLM generated stochastic parroting, hijack sites which you shouldn’t click on anything, multiple instances of unsourced (PR) copy pasta in mutual networks etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and if you do Google it for me, your results will be different to mine as there is no such thing as a vanilla search result.


Hard agree – this is exactly what I was trying to get at with my comment. Typing the words into Google is only the first step in a rather complex intellectual exercise that involves contextualizing, resource evaluation, and a bunch of other heavy lifting. Not only is LMGTFY an obnoxious brush-off, it actively devalues the hard work that goes into the evaluation of information and suggsts that Google somehow magically gives correct answers to every query.


Yes, often. I never do it anymore because it’s come to feel like a hassle, but depending on the situation, it can mean something like, You know, you’re expecting someone else to look up an answer that you could easily look up yourself in about 5 seconds.


Not just googles. We get reminders all the time “please don’t ask the departmental admins to find (policies/documents/etc) that you can locate on the website yourself. They aren’t your servants.”

It’s a sign of disrespect.


“the marketplace of ideas” :roll_eyes:


Cleanup on aisle 6!


User Jjjjj has been shown the ddddoor.

Things to avoid when trying to have a constructive conversation in general:

1 - those who disagree with you are not “attacking” you, and those that you disagree with are not deserving of polite attacks in return, no matter how innocuous you attempt to make them

But more importantly,

2 - do not, when confronted with a counterargument, attempt to redefine the meaning or semantics of a language. That is eerily reminiscent of other bad actors we’ve had in the past, and it literally sent shivers down my spine trying to moderate your comments.

We love constructive debate. Declaring all contrary views to either be misunderstanding the basic tenet of language or attacks is not constructive and ultimately wastes the time of those who attempt to debate your position in good faith.


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I Remember Reaction GIF by CBS


… is that Pavlov’s dinner bell :confused: or the shrieking of Russell’s teapot when it reaches a boil?


“How do we define eyes, really? Are they truly useful to human perception? If not, can you loan me a melon baller so I can scoop yours out?”


Hear the loud alarum bells—
Brazen trоlls!

Yet the ear distinctly knows,
In the jangling,
And the wrangling.
How the danger swift unrolls,
By the sinking or the swelling in the anger of the trоlls—
Of the trоlls—
Of the trоlls trоlls trоlls trоlls,
Trоlls, trоlls, trоlls—
In the clamor and the clangor of the trоlls!

–Edgar Allan Poe, Trоlls (what he would have written, probably)


User Ken_Flowers banned for believing in only one definition of a word. I hope the user has a ball elsewhere.


So he’s taking his not-a-ball and going home?


And the cheers echoed all over this great blue spinning ball oblate spheroid we all live on.