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Rude, contentless comments are routinely eaten.


Acrostic has been given a time-out for referring to the Columbine Massacre as both 1) the butt of a joke and 2) a “great rebel uprising against the jocks”.

Dark comedy is one thing, but this reference was only tangentially related and the referenced post had nothing to in it to justify referring to a massacre as a “rebel uprising”.

Empathy and compassion are required to deal with tragic topics, and should inform your choice of levity, not exist in spite of it.


Are quotes of/replies to moderated comments not supposed to be moderated?

If a comment is hidden, replies to it often get wiped. Otherwise, those replies can be moderated and flagged like any other that remains visible.


User AGC permanently banned for promoting the need for more fascist leaders worldwide to “fix” things.


User skr1 has been asked not to return after declaring our community-flagged, moderator approved moderation system as a ”weaponization of community reporting” for ”a select few”. All flags are reviewed equally, and anyone can toss one.

We wish them all the best enjoyment of the high level of discourse found on the unmoderated portions of the internet.


10 posts were split to a new topic: Best Wishes!

user @suggar suspended for failing to control themselves and flailing wildly about casting accusations.

user @vonbobo suspended for intentionally injecting horseshit into a thread after being warned not to do so in the OP.


User rasmussen_bryan anonymized at user request.


User green_machine has been asked not to return after following a familiar pattern:

1 - attacking a user in a post
2 - getting flagged for it
3 - complaining that they were flagged in the post, which then gets flagged (correctly) as offtopic
4 - every subsequent post from the user is about flagging, censorship, and their disappointment in the BBS.

For some reason, this pattern never seems to arise without step 1 being true.

Usual reminders:

1 - Be cool. Don’t attack users. Follow our guidelines.
2 - posts hidden by enough flags are reviewed by mods. Some are reversed, most are not, because our users are awesome and tend to flag violating #1 above, not because they disagree with a post.
3 - if you have an issue with flagging, contact me or any Moderator. Do not derail the topic the post was flagged in.
4 - definitely, definitely don’t start whining about moderation for every subsequent post. Sulking is not an endearing quality for anyone.




2.5 And our mods are extra awesome. (Pretty quick about things too!)


4 posts were merged into an existing topic: “fair and balanced” discussions

User BackToYouJim anonymized at user request.


In posts where the user has been quoted, the pre-anonymization user name is still shown. Any chance that can be changed/fixed?


That was actually changed some time ago. Quotes are anonymized as well now.


waetherman has been given a timeout for repeated attacking of other users, derailing topics by complaining about the community rather than staying on-topic, and most recently, outright ignoring our policy on unfounded assumptions.

We don’t specifically call this out in our guidelines (other than by asking users to be cool and not bully others), but we expect you to treat other users with respect, even when - perhaps especially when - you disagree with their comments. There are too many places online where an unpopular opinion results in attacking the poster rather than their ideas or opinions. The latter can be changed, and we don’t tolerate attacking others as a result of posts here.

Further, if you’re using one of our titles proclaiming your long tenure here, then we expect more from you, as well. We are not going to accept ignorance of our guidelines from a user that has spent half a decade with us. If you’ve been here that long then you know our policies on respect and decorum, because you weren’t eaten by a luckdragon in the meantime.


Just curious, can bourbon get someone a promotion in rank? Asking for a friend.



User dave791 has been asked not to return.

Suggesting bullying should be passively ignored is not welcome here. Responding to said flagging with ”SNOWFLAKES TO THE LEFT OF ME!!! SNOWFLAKES TO THE RIGHT OF ME!!!” suggests pretty strongly that this may not have been the only personality trait we would have taken issue with in the long run.

Better to just nip things in the bud now.


:musical_note:Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.