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Today I flagged a post, and later got a notification that the post was edited (which removed my flag). Clicking on the notification opened this window:

It never stopped spinning and didn’t display history. Is this new? I’ve never seen it before
I like the idea of nottifying that a flagged post has been edited. I don’t like that an edit automatically removes a flag, though. That is way too easy to take advantage of (and in this case the flagged post is still just as off-topic as before the edit)


… but if the old flags were still on it, we couldn’t re-flag the edited version, could we :thinking:


Well maybe, you could rely on the innate memory of the post, it will remember all the flags applied, and we can homeopathically read those older ones too.


If somebody edits out the “offending” word or phrase then it doesn’t deserve flagging.

But, some people have been known to make very minor edits to clear the flag.

You can always flag the edited version again if you think it still deserves it.


Glad you asked, and it’s not just me. I too just saw that mysterious History spin.

It was…confusing.

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One highly theoretical (actually impossible) situation where I would request anonymization: I knew that I was being considered for jury duty on a Trump trial. :smiling_imp:


Exactly. That functionality was specifically requested so that trivial edits wouldn’t restore a flagged and hidden post while leaving the people who originally flagged the post no further recourse.

Credit also to @Tamsin_Bailey!


User girard has been permanently banned for engaging in a continual pattern of replying to posts about severe issues of racism and misogyny and making sure to call out minor issues with the framing, presentation or tone of the articles or those replying as if that is the crux of the problem, the idea that those trying to stand against racism and hatred are not sufficiently pure and without flaws to have the right to challenge the status quo.

Excuse my directness but enough of that shit. Seriously. For some reason, it’s always the posts about vulnerable populations being targeted or assaulted that pull these “yes, but” commenters out of the woodwork, as if the important takeaway is the poor choice of words used by the reporter or the inexact metaphor being used to discuss the assault or some other minutiae that is what’s important, rather than the fact that real people are being targeted and harmed by the actions of bigots and racists every day.

If you can’t reply to posts without minimizing the harm suffered by the victims, then we ask that you not post at all. These stories are not games or thought exercises. Real people are affected directly by these monsters, and derailing the topic to talk about your pet peeve is incredibly disrespectful to those same victims.


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This was always the underlying tone of that user’s comments: self-righteous virtue-signalling at the expense of the actual issue being discussed.


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It seems like I’m seeing a number of posts from people that have been gone 9-10 years that are flagged. Is it confirmation bias? Are these pwned accounts?


Don’t think I’ve seen any cases of zombie flagging recently?


I’ve seen at least two over the past day or two, plus another couple of old unused accounts that were slapped down by regulars but not flagged (or at least not flagged enough to hide)

Seems weird for so many that have been gone for years to become active and t roll over a couple of days. Maybe that’s normal and I’m just noticing it more for some reason :person_shrugging:


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My post on article about Online Safety Bill just got flagged by the community as spam, the message says I need to edit it, but I don’t know what to edit there. In the post I just say that similar law is being worked on in European Union and I’m linking to the articles about that law and the criticism it receives.

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I was just notified that a post I’d replied to was deleted, and I know my replies will also have been removed. Somewhat annoying to me, but that’s how it goes. But my posts that the removed post was replying to were also removed. Is that also part of the policy, or were they removed for another reason?

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