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All of this has been deeply disheartening.

I don’t know if this will be my last public comment or not, but I will say this:

If there are more missing stairs than there is ‘staircase,’ then eventually the staircase itself becomes useless.

Just saying.


I had to look up the “Missing Stairs” thing.

I also missed the whole argument that ended with @danimagoo (One of my favourite posters, for her lawyer-style-brilliance) and Tornpapernapkin getting stuck on the naughty step.

I hope they’re not gone for too long.

Also, Mel, don’t think me flippant, I have missed the whole of the “conversation” here.


Upon further reflection and discussion with the leaders and other members of the community, I’ve banned RndmZim for the comments that lead to the moderation change. The reaction from many respected members of the community make it clear that regardless of intent, their comments made others feel unsafe and attacked, and given that they were already violating our guideline against advocating for violence, clearly a bridge too far.


Callous disregard for the wellbeing of members of the community is not a matter of intent; it’s a matter of empathy. A lot of us are jaded, but to ignore (much less keep arguing with) people who are saying “that thing that you are proposing would literally put me and my loved ones in harm’s way,” well there’s nothing civil in that. Civility without empathy is like shoe polish on shit.


fefelo has been suspended after a request for review from our Leaders and other engaged members of the community. Upon review it was clear that more than 1:5 of their posts were moderated or deleted and their posts routinely resulted in disruption of topics.

My thanks to the community for making these circumstances clear.


llamahunter has been banned for taking was was a fairly straightforward community flagging of a bad joke as indication of the systemic failure of moderation across our community, then really wanted to make sure we heard their side of it. Repeatedly.

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Not aimed at you, orenwolf.

But, Dog, I scrolled through enough llama-bait recently.


On an unrelated yet llama-based subject - A friend of mine, back in the late 80’s, let’s call her Kathy, as that was her real name, used to work at London Zoo.
She and her fellow zookeepers would occasionally feed “Refreshers” to the Llamas, and then enjoy the rainbow-coloured spit showering the tourists.

That’s my best and only Llama story.

Right, back on topic, as you were…



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Can’t say folks here didn’t graciously offer them plenty of chances to figure it out on their own.


Saw this on Mastodon, how this person made some admonitions that users here might want to use. Posting here because at first glance they might make moderation easier in a sort of “yeah I know” way, but at second glance could seem arrogant, snooty.

I just thought it would interest moderators in advance.

What the heck. Here it is all the same.


Thank you, some look quite useful to me personally, and none strike me as arrogant or snooty. :+1:


Those all sound like preemptive, gatekeeping appeals to authority; ‘disclaimers’ that are not in line with the rules and guidelines we have in place here:

We’ve been told repeatedly: If someone wants to post their opinions and have them go unchallenged, then this community is probably a bad fit…


Ahhh, good point, hadn’t thought of that. I mean, I don’t see how asking not to be mansplained to yet again is an appeal to authority, but I do see how asking not to be replied to goes against those community rules. Thanks for pointing that out. :+1:


Fair point; the Mansplaining one does seem to be the exception.


You catch my reservations, and yet I thought it interesting enough to share. The pseudo-official look for me plays into the “ha ha only serious” the old Net used to be good at, and maybe as a form of humor they would be good. Not quite self deprecating, but self-aware.

I suppose the thing that brings them in line with moderation guidelines is that they do not say “do not reply”, but ask not do offer specific forms of replies. Or to preempt advice that has been heard again and again and again.

I do not think they are worth adding as any sort of plugin, but if used in a disarming fashion I think the mods might smile and overlook them.


Ahoy, I had an old account (yarp) that I can’t log in with anymore. Not sure why. I didn’t get a banned notice (I don’t know if that’s a thing), but I can only assume that’s what happened (but I can’t find any mention of it here). Would it be possible to get more info from a moderator? I can’t figure out how to send a private message. Thanks




Welcome back!