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User Melizmatic has been given a brief timeout for attacking another poster (something they have been warned against numerous times.)

Additionally. as a reminder to everyone, if you do not wish to engage with a user, use ignore. If you post on the BBS, your post can be replied to by anyone who does so within our guidelines. If you don’t want to see those responses, Ignore the user in question.

Thank you.


A few posts (especially recently) have required that I take a very deep breath each time… either to enable a calm, rational response (assuming it’s even worth it) or to not respond at all; given all that’s been happening over the last several months (with last week being the topper) the temptation has been to really let loose, I can tell you. So, deep breaths… deep breaths… and taking a moment to consider my fortunate situation :crossed_fingers: at this point with relatives and friends so far avoiding sickness, taking great care, and being taken care of; oh so much less for me to worry about. I’d bet the farm that BB’ers are thinking about you, all that you have to manage, worry about, and put up with here, and are all taking deep… relaxing… breaths. Watching cat vids also helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


(Oren please feel free to delete this post. Not meant to clog your Gen Mod topic.)


I think everyone can use a little cute cat video right now.

(NOT an invitation to flood this topic with kitties!)


I noticed that a comment of mine has been removed because it contained my incorrect understanding WRT homemade face masks and COVID-19. I amended the post to note that I was potentially wrong, and there was an interesting discussion going on in the replies. I understand and respect the desire to prevent misinformation, but is there a less nuclear option in such a case?

No thanks. I’m personally fine with inaccurate info being removed.

This is not a debate on smoking bans - people will die


To be clear, I’m not even sure what I said was wrong. I got it from a reliable source (Gimlet Media’s podcast “Science Vs”) that fact checks the hell out of whatever they say. People could die either way.

Also smoking kills tons of people, so maybe not the best comparison.

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Enforcement may be lax or draconian as befits the whims of the Entity. The rude will be eaten first.

The mods cannot, and more importantly do not wish to vet information for accuracy - there’s too many posts here per day to even consider such a thing, let alone the fact that we are hardly subject-matter-experts on most everything.

When someone posts info that suggests “Hey, masks don’t work!” followed by several other posts contradicting it, that’s important enough to get right that right now it’s going to be eaten. We apologize if our conservative approach to such things is inconvenient at the moment.


Fair enough. I understand it’s a tough and important job.


User techmaster7b banned for mansplaining boing boing to it is publisher.




User Daniel_Kyle (and later versions therein) have been given a brief timeout for attacking other users in comments.

I know everyone’s tempers are short, but telling off other users is not an appropriate outlet for that anxiety. We are all going through this together.


User Daniel_Kyle anonymized at user request.


User FlimFlamJam removed for being the n-th person to ask what Boing Boing is being paid to cover company X or situation Y. Boing Boing posts things that are of interest to the individual Authors of Boing Boing, full stop. The only exceptions being the Store posts, or the (very rare) sponsored post, both of which are marked as such and discussed in our privacy policy.

We are sorry Zoom is such a dumpster fire. No one is “paying” us to badmouth them. Sheesh.


I for one have been appreciative of the threads about Zoom. In my work we already have other conferencing set-ups, so it’s only been because of covid-19 and the resultant extracurricular needs (such as my choral group, or the colleges my daughter has gotten into, setting up group sessions) that I’ve even heard of Zoom. I appreciate having been warned what to watch out for in order to protect myself and my information. That’s one of the things BB does well.


Right? And also such articles also help Zoom to clean up it’s act as more people are using it.


I lost my temper; I own it. Trying times.

That said, having a REAL block feature that actually works all of the time would go a long way on this site, especially now.


I think xkcd just mic dropped any arguments against face masks anyway.


You put Kofi Annan to shame Mr. Wolf.

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