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it’s one thing to debate “the existence of race as social construct” in the rarefied heights of the philosophy of social science and quite another to appropriate the statement as a catchphrase allowing one to change nothing about the world as it exists before us.


Good points, and it drives me crazy when I hear people say this. I would add that “I don’t see race” is also saying “I don’t recognize a component of your identity” and so dehumanizes people in an entirely different way.


It’s also a dog whistle. I’ve seen it used too many times as part of the “I’m the least racist person, but I’m going to defend the racist status quo because it favors me” denialism. To be antiracist, you have to see color, it’s the only way to recognize the things that are wrong.

It’s a bad look for so many reasons.


I remember the post and am pretty sure I hearted it, as I read it in the anthropological context. Of course, I am notorious for giving people way too much benefit of the doubt.


Piling on the reasons it sucks, I mean, it’s also just amazingly self-centered.

“I don’t see race”

“It’s not about you

"But… but… I only care about myself? "

That’s the dynamic I feel from it whenever it comes up.


Context matters. In a post about the anthropological history of humankind, that statement is very different than in a post about racism, which this one was.

The same way that saying “all lives matter” in, say, an ER is a very different thing that at a BLM protest.


As a one time anthropologist, thankyou! Anthropology itself grew out of extremely racist roots, something that most good anthro programs cover in some depth. We, possibly above all disciplines, have known sin…

And acknowledge it. And don’t chirp up, even when we think we might have some good basis to-- we know exactly how toxic and dangerous this stuff is. The Nazis, for example, were just implementing accepted19th Century anthro theorizing.


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