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mr_raccoon has been given a timeout for trying to make light of our policy against unfounded assumptions (specifically surrounding mental illness) in our guidelines.

These exist for a reason. It is not a joke to those who are living with such diagnoses but keep getting lumped in with otherwise sane but evil people by association.


That would include me, so thank you.


I appreciate this. Thanks.


User l422y has been given the eternal timeout for their insistence of an obvious ‘anti-crypto posts on Boing Boing’ scheme being run by the Enemies of Crypto Everywhere.


On the plus side, he now has more time to tend to his digital tulips.


I am sure that his free speech on Happy Mutants, LLC’s heavily-moderated platform for comments on blog posts, wherein he exposed this conspiracy in a post about a tech company being mean, has been limited and we’re likely to hear from a) his lawyers b) his mother or c) his twitter account.


My vote is for his twit lawyer.


The answer was no, they can’t. This ban is now permanent.


What does it mean when a username appears in a quote and isn’t clickable (and the user doesn’t seem to have a user page), and when you try to unroll the quoted text and you see a garbage can / jump to the post and go somewhere random in the topic? I assume the garbage can and limbo jump means the quoted post was deleted. Is the missing user a moderation action? Or something else? I didn’t think it was possible to outright delete an account (and thus orphan all of a user’s post quotes).

I admit this is morbid curiosity. I see a lot of clearly troll-like posts from one B_D_Newsome over in the guns and stale bad arguments topic, and said user and their posts don’t seem to exist anymore, but I don’t see any report of moderation actions over here and I’m, well, morbidly curious.

troublemakers who totally shit the bed on their first day are often just un-personned


Users can be deleted, along with their posts. You usually never notice, and we reserve this for outright boring drive-by trolls. Sometimes you may have the topic open and see the remnants, but they disappear shortly.

We don’t announce them here. They never really joined the community, just crapped all over it then left. They don’t need a post here as a badge of honour for their disruption. For the same reason, I’m not likely to discuss them further here, either.


You are doing invisible but very valuable work. We honour that.

I like to imagine to have a statistic l, or even better: a physical registry of the count of invisible moderation decisions you made.

I imagine a room like this, and every time you do something good but invisible for the community, you add a ball:

big brother bb20 GIF by globaltv


Thanks for the explanation. This makes perfect sense to me – I just didn’t understand how the remnants I saw fit into the bigger moderation picture and wanted to get a better understanding.


User ValiantAP6 has been given a timeout for attempting to use the flag system to protest against their “right” to derail conversations with offtopic asides.


If that was in the “Salty Walls” thread, my post was the first one, not a reply to anyone, and to my way of thinking not off-topic or offensive. It earned a “Good Reply”. Now it has disappeared without a trace, and with no notification.

Was it flagged? And if so, shouldn’t I have received an automated “Ya done screwed up” message?

(No need to restore it. I’m just puzzled.)


the truth is out there


So is my post.


It was not flagged. The whole subthread was removed to avoid a further derail.

Unfortunately, Discourse doesn’t send notifications when that happens. I tried to push for that as a feature but lost that particular battle.


Improbus has been banned. Not for offtopic remarks to an Author in a post, but for lobbing insults after the post was removed. As a reminder, Private Messages are still subject to our community guidelines. The BBS is never a safe space to attack others.


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