"Generation Gap": Which Era Do YOU Fall Into?


Gen X, smack in the middle of the “MTV Generation part of that”. I sort of feel like we’ve gotten lost in the shuffle in the discussion on generation cohorts and much of what we’ve been responsible for has been glossed over. But we’re sandwiched between two huge demographics that have gotten a lot of attention because of their size.

Also, have you read Strauss and Howe? You should read them, as they are responsible for much of this mode of thinking, or at least codifying it…


It wasn’t the rise of mass media, obviously, but there were some radical changes during out life time, like the expansion of cable, which had a big impact on how we consume TV for example. Also, VCRs and gaming consols changed how we interacted with television. I think the experiences I had with watching TV and those of my parents are pretty different (and the same with my daughter and how she experiences this).


No one can agree on this stuff, actually. I’ve seen many different bracketing.


Taking 1968 as one “watershed year” in the US - and quite a few other countries - being 8 years old in 1968 had very little in common with being 18 years old in 1968.

Lumping together people born in 1945-1964 means that chart is presuming 4 year olds and 23 year olds had basically the same experience of 1968. That’s ludicrous.




Well, 80% of the time that statement isn’t, at least.


And when we try to figure out how far away the bridge is, we all range a span.


But not all taxonomy is controversial.


but are controversies taxonomic?


From the anti-GMO crowd:

Read my lips: No new taxonomy!


There have been a ton of steady changes in mass media types and availability (silent movies -> talkies -> radio -> TV -> hyper-saturated cable channel -> the Internet of desktop computers -> the Internet of phones, and probably things I’m not thinking of), and I do think that is one thing that different generations are affected by (the Medium is the Message). The little chart with the ‘1975-1985 Rise of Mass Media’ is a confused way to refer to trends in media, it’d be more interesting I think to break out political/media/technology/music categories over time for each various generation.


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I know that I’m eavesdropping here, but I had the opposite experience a couple of years ago. Some of my high school students, who believe all think post-WWII people are dead, balked when I told them I was a boomer (53 this year). It was very sweet.


Pshaw, useful idiots are the best! I’M THE ONE HARVESTING THE DATA, GENiUS!


What generation gap we all rejected 3d movies.


Admitedly at different points but still.


As @nemomen inferred, Cruz? ewww!
Rubio would probably always consume his entire supply before his first customer showed up…


Yeah, I didn’t get that either. I was SO the MTV generation.


The one nice thing I can say about Ted is that he is helping me learn more Photoshop things.


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Little did I know that some people would take it as some sort of attempt to “data mine” them.

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