Generative Art gets its due

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Hah. My five-year-old Lenovo could do that.


Wow, this really reminds me of the 1960s and 1970s. All things old are new again. There was that Thinking Machines exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art last year and the book Peripheral Vision about the Stromberg Carlson 4020 came out in 2015. I suppose some enterprising gallery owner realized that the time had come.

Check out the 1967 New York Times article on this phenomenon:

“In a sound-drenched Lower Manhattan loft building that was enlivened by revolving painted disks, film projections, floating pillows and miniskirted girls in paper smocks, representatives of industry and labor joined a number of artists and scientists yesterday to proclaim a ‘working alliance’ between art and technology.”


T’would be nice if they put the show online (for “the rest of us”)

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