Gentleman in court on marijuana charge lit up a joint before the judge

Meanwhile in La, they’re trying to decide if life in prison is too much for selling less than a gram of weed (0.024 ounces), or if he should have just got 15 years. The current disparity in weed laws around the US between the sane (decriminalization) and insane (life in prison) is so far past absurity


Whatever you think about the validity of the charge, this was not a good idea.

That’s my kind’a stoner, damn the torpedos and full smoking ahead.


Civil disobedience is “one of the craziest things I’ve seen” ? That sheriff needs to get out more.


Dave’s not here man.


Why is he a “gentleman?” He looks pretty chill to me?


You win. God I love Ricky, Julian and Bubbles.


I abide, man.

This guy had some serious balls to do that in front of a judge.


My very first thought upon reading the headline, before even clicking the link:

And it seems that I was not alone in that prediction:

Who else would pull some audacious shit like that?

Only someone with ‘the complexion for the protection’ and all the ‘connections…’


Pro: The buzz will make the first hour of lockup tolerable.

Con: Nutriloaf is a piss-poor solution for the munchies.


He reminds me of someone I knew who died of an overdose. He had a lot of trauma and processed it relatively well, except for the total disregard for authority, and that inability to submit caused a lot of problems then depression then death. As whimsical as we’re being I hope he learns to pick his battles and sticks to soft drugs

10 days for contempt made me wince those guards would have acted very badly where I live

It’s fun to lol when you’re privileged but the justice system puts the boot on your neck even for “funny” crimes

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So, he was hounded to death by a bunch of vicious bootlicks? I’m not sure I’d put the blame for that in him.

I don’t blame him, I blame the system. I’ve been hounded too, but not to death yet.

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You say this; I say that he was stubborn, obnoxious and unreasonable, and escalated any contact with authorities into a crisis.

The truth, most likely, is somewhere in between these two statements (and much of it could be either, depending on your PoV). But let’s not make the mistake of assuming that “total disregard for authority” is a benign and harmless attitude, and that none of the blame lies on him.

Puff Puff pass. Also it’s courteous to carry your own holder these days.

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You knew him too? Small world.

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This is one of those white privilege things, isn’t it.

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