Gentleman sends a million volts through his phone with impressive results


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Perhaps they can celebrate an upcoming day in history with a reenactment?


Surprise: static sensitive PCB turns out to be well insulated against being shocked to death in a consumer device.

In other news, crazy Russians fail to die while playing with static electricity.


Bah, “History” channel. The kite wasn’t struck by lightning or America would have been short a founding father.


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For very odd definitions of “through” which include “around”




Little nitpick, that is the original Nokia, not the rereleased version (different screen and keys).

But what an excellent testament to the engineering of old Nokia’s - not that that was ever in doubt!


The Colossus origin story?


I think those lads are Ukrainian.


Not in my mind, anyway; I once dropped one of those bad boys in a swimming pool; popped it open, took the battery out, let it dry in the sun for an hour… and the damn thing still worked just fine afterward.


Voltage isn’t sent through something, it is applied. It’s an important distinction in so far as it hinders people from understanding the basics of electricity. Apply voltage and depending on the resistance, a certain amount of current will flow.


for now…


Well, it started out as a lot of voltage but the air gap took that part. The current wasn’t enough to get a dangerous (to the electronics) potential across the circuitry.

Once upon a time, in the early 70s, I was tasked with designing an ignition control IC and part of the design requirement was that it survive having the output of the ignition coil discharged into the chip’s inputs. To everyone’s amazement (but none more than mine) the part not only survived but continued to work (!!!) while being torture tested.


Ohm my, that hertz


They also have a video about building and testing a mobile EMP blaster.

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