Gentleman who thinks Confederates were the good guys in the Civil War gets epically self-owned


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Seems appropriate. The site is named boingboing after all, not just boing… :wink:


Winner winner chicken dinner!


Andy Hallinan owns a “Muslim-free” gun shop in Florida.

I’m really curious what kind of Muslim-detecting technology he has installed to keep them out.


Unfortunately is taken, but is available!

I’m still waiting for to spin up and start posting interesting things about airplanes.


Reboings seem necessary to reach folk like me. I miss a lot of the stuff that gets posted here, it seems.


“C’mon do the Boing…”


“Hey, we were the good guys”
“Hey, I’m no expert!!!”


This perfectly illustrates that if you take slavery out of the entire situation, then there wasn’t any other issue so contested and volatile that was worth going to war over.


From unknown citizen to world class dumbass in 56 seconds…what a guy.


People will just say ‘state rights’
and be internally chanting, ‘Please no follow-up, please no follow-up; I have not the slightest’ what that’s supposed to mean. Moments’ passed? oh yeah, argument owned!’


The war was about other things.
What things?
I don’t know. Why do you ask?


Like someone already stated up-thread, the rebuttal to that claim is always:

“The right to do what, exactly? To own slaves!”


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Can’t argue with that…



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George Bernard Shaw … now that’s another story for the books!!


“When you study the history, that was one thing the war was about…”
“Name three other things that the war was about.”
“Well, um, I’m not an historian…”



It’s just the sort of intellectual rigour and coherency of argument I’ve come to expect from apologists for the Confederacy.