South Carolina GOP reps propose monument to the zero black Confederate combatants who served in the Civil War


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“…was either a slave or an unpaid laborer working against his will”. Isn’t an unpaid laborer working against his will a slave?


The United States employed all sorts of slavery. Indentured Servitude is “not slavery” but is slavery.


If Chumley had just asked Mr. Whoopee, much time could have been saved


I always though the difference between slavery and indentured servitude is you don’t get to force indentured servants to have sex with you. I could be wrong here.


Fry: You know what the worst thing about being a slave is? They make you work all day but they don’t pay you or let you go.

Leela: That’s the only thing about being a slave.


I was under the impression that indentured servants could technically pay off their debts or have someone else pay their debts to gain freedom, while a slave, being property, doesn’t have that opportunity unless their owner can be persuaded into accepting such a deal.


The bill would also require public schools to teach the contributions of black people toward the Confederate cause.

Almost lost my lunch there.


I can’t wait to see the monument that right-wing German nationalists build to honor all those gay Jewish communists who took up arms to fight for the Nazis.


A couple of things:

  1. I guess those lawmakers have solved all the problems in the state so they have the time to devote to this crap
  2. Can we just send these useless wastes of taxpayer resources to Guantanamo Bay as seditious scum and supporters of domestic terrorism?




All black confederates working and no pay makes Jack a dull boy.


“Black Confederates,” also known as “slaves.” These bullshit attempts to present the Confederacy as some sort of multicultural happy Southern pride thing are so enraging because the fucking Confederates were so upfront about it being about white supremacy and slavery.

“We are all learning a lot,” Chumley said. “The purpose of the bill is education.”

The fuck it was.

Well, this existed to solve one problem - people starting to have an accurate notion of what the Confederacy was about… Can’t have that, now!


While I’m sure this wasn’t the intent when it was introduced, maybe they should go ahead and make that monument- just have an empty plinth with a plaque that reads “Racism”.


I don’t know much about the source, but still an interesting read:


And people wonder why libraries get defunded so quickly…


Why have libraries when Mr. Whoopee can always be consulted?


It’s so unfair when your racism isn’t able to form a new reality. :cry:

They’ll have to think of another way!


Indenture is generally for a specific period of time, after which one goes free, sometimes with a payout.

Slavery is different in different cultures; it’s not historically unusual for a slave to be able to have days off, earn money, or buy themselves out.

American color-line chattel slavery was one of the very worst forms. Chattel means you are property, like a horse or food animal.